Mothers whos prayers were answered!

My son at the age of 3 years old was hit in the head with a full force golf swing from a 21 year old (at the time) and survived after only 2 weeks in Sick Kids Hospital..He under went a surgery about 2 hours after the accident..which consisted of haveing his face removed and his forehead reattached and the cartlidge in his forehead suitured!!! ( I probably spelt all of that wrong but you get what im saying) Have you experience something along those lines and thank God everyday for answering your prayers??? Have you on a daily basis wanted to start a charity incase it happens to another child????


My prayers were answered.

At my 20 week pregnancy scan, they picked up that our baby had short long bones, (often an indicator of Downs or Dwarfism). At the follow-up scan they discovered our babys'...