Been diagnosed with anxiety disorder

April - posted on 03/18/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've had anxiety as far back as I can remember. Maybe it started when I was like 7 or 8? And it ALWAYS affects my health, sometimes making it embarrassing to go to public places. I also has psoriasis, a skin rash. Which is also caused by stress. Eventually in my 30's I went to a psychiatrist to get evaluated. My son has bipolar, adhd, ocd, mental retardation and cerebral palsy. Lets just say its NEVER boring here LOL. Well I got evaluated, cause I thought I might have bipolar, because I was cycling around my sons moods. I was 100% honest with him, and told him everything. How I constantly worry, always stressed, feel claustrophobic like in walmart. I get panic attacks when I'm around too many people, and have to leave, because I sometimes feel like im cornered and want to strike out at someone? Sometimes I feel like people are talking about me, or laughing at me. He told me after like 200 questions lol, I have generalized anxiety disorder, (GAD), and they gave me buspar. It was sooo wonderful, I was like everything is ok. And I was happy. And i still panicked but not as severe as before. Like if i was late to an appt, I'd be like oh well what can i do? before I'd start crying, pounding my fist at steering wheel, creaming at other drivers lol, i was bad. This was many yrs ago. Then I stopped taking meds, cause my insurance wouldnt pay for it. So for yrs, I went without meds. Finally Im back on a med called Klonopin. I'd say it takes away half my stress, maybe like 70%.. I dont "freak" out as much. lol And i also watch my grandbabies anywhere from 10-14 hrs a day while daughter works. So yea, the meds definitely help alot. :)


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Im glad someone came on telling the side of meds. Because of me being so scared of death (i know crazy) i get scared of taking any meds afraid of what they might do. I was telling another member that my anxiety got really bad after my car accident. My son suffered fractured skull, TBI, broken femur, ulna, and tibia bone and still to this day requires consistent therapys and special school programs. But being in the hospital and in those scary situations just made everything worse. I have problems still just like yours was. Your descriptions of how you were in walmart is how i am in places i have never been before. I dont like going to new places, besides i always had to be sure they had a restroom so if i got sick i had somewhere to go! I panic the worst when i start to feel like im in situations i cant get out of, like in church. I have to sit for an hour thru the sermon. I have gotten so bad in the past that i have actually passed out straight to the floor skirt on and all in the middle of church because my whole body will get sweaty then ill get real hot and if i keep giving into it ill start to actually see spots, then im out lol! Its really scary and thank God i have always had my husband by my side! To get out of my horrible feelings i have to think about things other than the feelings i am having at the time. I have to like think okay (and this is gonna sound lame) Lauren Conrad (the hills) jet sets all over the world and gets in front of tons of ppl if she can i can lol But i have found that exercise, getting out of the house more often, and finding ways to manipulate my stress are working for me more and more! Welcome to the site!!

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