Mothers with Bilingual Husbands

A community for mothers who have bilingual husbands and wish to provide advice, share ideas or discussion on how to raise your children bilingual.


Starting a new language

My little girl is 7 1/2 mths and I was wondering how did you introduce a new language to your little one, what was your first step. My husband speaks primarily English, German...



One of the mums in another group gave me the details of a great resource for any of you who are interested - Handbook for Language and Literacy Development - A Roadmap from 0...


Childrens Books

I just wanted to let everyone know about a fantastic website I found online. It is an International Children's Digital Library and you can access children's books in various...


Progress with language

I was just wondering how all the kids are going with their language. My daughter is almost 16mths old and doesn't say too many words. I have read that when spoken to in two...


Second Language

My eldest only spoke Greek for the first three years of her life. Hi-5 taught her how to speak english, lol. Have spoken to all four of my kids in Greek, the english comes...