Mother's with Children that have or have had Chronic Kidney Failure

This Community is for Mother's that have Children that have had or ARE dealing with a child that is in Kidney Failure now. When your child is in the hospital hooked up to a Dialysis Mechine it is very very HARD. You need people that you can talk to and know you have support. My son was 3 years 2 months 14 days old when he was taken to Sacramento where they inserted a Dialysis tube into his stomach. He had to deal with that tube and the tedius bag changing with those masks that HAD to be put over the mouth for 9 days. He was released the 10th day. And I DO Thank God EVERY DAY that I still have my son. He was on COMPLETE Kidney Failure the day I had taken him to the local ER. But I had some AWSOME friends on "MySpace" that had just been my friend for some of the games I played, actually became really good friends. They were talking to me daily if not 5 times a day I would have E-Mails and that helped me Stay strong for my son.