mom with bipolar dealing with sons death

Margaret - posted on 04/09/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi, I have bipolar and have been off meds now for almost three months due to no insurance.
On 3/30/07 my 22 year old son passed away and I don't know what to do. I feel as if I want to rip someones head off and at the same time, lay down on the bed to never get up again. any suggestions


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Mabel - posted on 07/06/2010




I cannot imagine how hard is all this for you. I'm glad you're asking for help to overcome such difficult time. In your case you can try the methods used for pregnant bipolar patients. It involves journaling to vent, (but also always mention what are you thankful for, which gives you an outlet but also hope), walking daily (can even start in your own house for a few minutes a day and doing so more and more time, until u feel like going out a little and walk more), pack yourself with fruits and make a commitment to see a comedy movie or stand-up comedy daily. Pray before washing your teeth, eating, sleeping, asking God for strength, even if you don't feel it. Have goals and make baby steps toward them, like I just said: walking inside the house for 5 minutes, next day maybe 10, next maybe getting out the house and walk for 15...and so...

Melissa - posted on 05/26/2010




im sorry to hear about ur son i am a mother too, in my country medical care meds etc are free but if it wasnt id do all the things the doctor says will help t keep u stable like being in a good routine,getting enuf sleep,and just being aware of yr moods and nipping it in the bud before its out of ur control ie if u feel urself getting sped up remove urself from highly stimulating things and vice versa, if only meds could be sent in the mail id send u sum lol no one shud hav to go with out vital medecines

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Hi Margaret. I too, have bipolar. I'm sorry you cannot afford your medication. It is scary to be off of. I am also sorry to hear about your son. He was quite young to pass away. What happened... if I may ask?

I guess my best suggestion at this time is to make sure you are taking GOOD care of yourself. Perhaps then you can think more clearly and be able to cope with this tragedy a little better. I know it is hard to think of yourself and really, you may not want to think at all. Taking care of yourself when having bipolar is sometimes the biggest challenge. I know for me it is anyway. Sometimes I'm sure I am not doing any good in my family life and I wonder why I have this horrible disease. But I know when I look at myself straight on, and face what needs to happen, I am better off.

Good luck sweetie.


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