PCOS is getting worse and worse...

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I was diagnosed with PCOS while in high school (about 15 years ago). Luckily I was an extremely active high schooler and college student so I didn't see many of the effects of PCOS other than irregular periods and some very mild abnormal hair growth. It wasn't until I got married did I really start to gain weight. I gained 70 pounds in 6 years. Wow. I went from a size 10 to a size 18 and I was shocked. I went in to my doctor and he told me that I basically needed to starve myself (his words EXACTLY) and that I needed to consume 1200 calories or less per day. He was clearly disgusted with me and made me feel as though I were a couch potato that dined on Doritos and soda. Not the case! Needless to say, I fired him as my doctor. I am still on the look for that perfect doctor that knows everything under the sun about PCOS but for now I am satisfied with my NP who helped me conceive our daughter. I only needed one round of Clomid thankfully but now we are on the prowl for baby #2 and we are in our second round of Clomid. Not sure if it will work this time but I will try to stay positive.
My PCOS has gotten so bad that I cannot seem to lose a pound. A recent discussion with an endocrinologist has really put me in the dumps. He said that the only thing he knew that helped with weight loss with someone with PCOS is to consume 1200 calories/day (that bone head doctor was right on that one) and have rigorous exercise for 90 minutes every single day. If I chose walking as my only form of exercise, I would need to walk for 2.5 hours each day. Oh kill me now. How fair is that??
I haven been looking into the lap band after I have another baby (if that happens of course) and have read that it is a good option for PCOS patients because we have to be on a really restricted calorie intake. I am the type of person who eats well and enjoys exercising (not 90 min 24/7 though!) and am reaching a breaking point.


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I agree with the other post try counting carbs. I have been told by several Dr. to try south beach or atkins anything with low carbs. That seems to be the only time I lose any weight. We have also been trying for #2 I was only about 15lbs more than when I got pregnant with my son and I did conceive only to lose that baby about 6 months ago. We tried a few more times and we are now on a break focusing on getting me healthier again and my husband has agreed to eat what I eat and so it helps him to. I have been going to the gym since november. It is hard to focus on ttc and losing weight that was what I was doing I lost 8 lbs right before I found out I was pregnant. I hope you get pregnant soon an can focus on loosing weight after(that was my plan also).

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As of now with me. I can't remember not being heavy. I've been told eat half a can of tuna a day and nothing else - yeah NO I hate eating fish- . I've been told run every where I go including from nashville tn to paducah Ky to get back home. - yeah no I don't have the energy for that.
That I could eat 1 apple a day and exersise all day and not drop a pound. Ha ha then y try that?
So here's what I've been doing the past 3 months. I have been more or less starving myself ONLY because my food stamps got messed up and I just haven't had anything to eat. Sweet tea and $ 4 dollar boxes of spicy chicken sandwiches is all I eat and most days its only the tea. I went from 357 ibs to under 315 ibs. So apparently something is working. Not on any medicine.


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Having a healthy lifestyle is important to conceive especially with PCOS which is already playing havoc with your system. Doctors advise to quit smoking and limit alcohol intake. Recreational drugs, if any, are taken should be stopped. In a nutshell, to achieve success women with this condition should choose to make healthy lifestyle a priority, seek timely, suitable and skilled medical assistance, avoid stress and maintain a positive attitude. Stress is one of the main causes of PCOS since it affects your internal system in major ways. Try and be stress free and invest your time in things that make you happy. However if you are striving to have a baby and struggling due to PCOS, you might want to give these steps a try before you start with serious medication. All you need is to follow this book from http://pregnancyhours.com, it’s a comprehensive guide on how to get pregnant naturally in as little as two months. You will discover a lot of tips on how to get pregnant fast, how to improve fertility, how to determine when you are ovulating, how to deal with PCOS and treat it, how to avoid miscarriages, how to have a healthy pregnancy, and three ways to improve your partner’s sperm count and what to do about irregular periods, and so much more.

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hey did u manage to get pregnant a second time? im 21 & me and my husband have a little girl who will be 3 in march we been trying for baby number 2 since october 2010 but arent having any luck i got told i had pcos in april 2010 under going more test at the minute but not feeling positive :(( xxx

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focus on one thing at a time. write down everything that is changing. excerise, change the foods you eat, try to connect with women who suffer from the same thing. i have pcos after taking birth control. i have hair growing in places like my chin, legs, stomach and it grows back quick after shaving, don't break. everything is going to be okay. you are not alone in this battle hun. us women with this condition , we fight together. we battle and when the lord knows that we win every time. things that seem impossible becomes possible when the lord steps in. don't you break. it's okay to cry but you keep your faith. don't you dare give up. i don't know you. we are probably miles and miles apart but i will not let you break. you are stronger than this. we are all stronger. PCOS does not own us. PCOS don't make us. PCOS is just here but God has the final say and we have the strenght and the power to control it. it don't control us. We may have PCOS but we are still women and the side effects don;t change that. we can lose the weight it brings. we can change the face of the women with pcos. we all have control.Let's take our lives back. YOU GOT THIS! YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU HAVE CONTROL!

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Has anyone mentioned Metformin to you, it is typically a diabetic medication but help regulate your hormones for women with PCOS. PCOS messes with your insulin resistance (not making you diabetic) and that messes with the rest of your hormones. There is a group on facebook called Cysters Unite! it is a closed group but you just request to be added and they will accept you in the group, there are a lot of women with a lot of different stories and are more than willing to give advise and support to others with PCOS. Many women on the page highly recommend going on a gluten free diet, the moderator of the group has been gluten free for a long time and has seen the majority of her symptoms from PCOS go away.

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i've heard wonder stories about inositol, and it helping pcos. i have also heard great things about coconut oil. i LOVE coconut oil, and am a firm believer that all other oils (except olive) are crap, and lead to us being a very unhealthy nation. do some research on coconut oil and i'm sure you'll agree . i would also agree with the other ladies about lowering your flour and sugar intake.:)

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My suggestion would be to focus on one thing at a time. I know there's always pressure to lose weight (I am struggling with this right now), but to focus on weight loss and concieving a baby is a LOT to put on your plate. I like to eat too and I don't like to exercise. My husband is military which makes it hard for me to get to a gym since he's not always available to watch my children and we can't afford a babysitter for me to go exercise. What I have found is that counting carbs has helped me. Add to that I know longer have a gallbladder so my body doesn't digest a lot of fat anymore (not the most pleasant). Because I like to eat and don't have a lot of willpower, I have stopped buying candy and chips unless it's a special occasion. If I don't have them in my house, I can't eat them which has really helped keep both my carb intake and calorie intake down. Sounds like you have a game plan for after your second child so take a breath and focus on that first. Good luck.

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