Weight Gain during pregnancy

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Hi....i was diagnosed with PCOS after the birth of my son who is 4 years old now.Currently i am pregnant with no.2 and i'm starting my 7th month.I have already put on quite a lot of weight despite the amounts of food i am taking. During my last check up the doctor wasn't very happy with how much weight i had gained so she told me to follow a high protein,low carb diet. Has anyone gone thru a similar situation like mine and what did u do to control it? Hope to go thru a safe pregnancy till the end and a healthy weight baby.


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I'm afraid my situation was very different. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 13 years old. During my pregnancy with my son I lost a stone in the first trimester and by the third trimester I had regained that stone so I didn't actually gain any weight but in fact lost a bit when Logan was born, as the weight I regained was baby, amniotic fluid etc. However, saying that Logan was 3 days late and weighed just 6lb12oz however we knew he was going to be small as I had to go through extra tests and regualr growth scans after something was found on my 20 week scan.

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