Mothers Without Mothers

This group is a group for mothers who have no mothers of their own- by death or any other means of the word "loss". If you feel as though you have suffered a loss with a mother/step mother/significant motherly role in your life, this group warmly accepts you also. My mother died months before my baby was born... and this group is for finding strength, happiness and help in searching to find ways to fill the emptiness that can come with missing Your Mommy and being a mommy. Where do you go for mothering advice? I am 26 and know no one my age who has lost their mother- not that age has anything to do with the feeling of loss of a mother! Please join me in my "exclusive" club for support, stories, memories and precious moments to share with others.... if nothing other than an "I am here" to show strength in numbers and not being alone!


My mother!

Hello everyone, My name is Laura and I am 30 years old. At the age of 27 I found out I was pregnant with the first grandchild for my parents. At this time my mother was still...


she knows my mum

my daughter 2 a month ago in 6 days. we were going throu some photos the other day and pointing people out and said that's grandmamma. I remembered that i missed her that day.


my story

Hello I’m 34 and my mother passed away 5 1/2 years ago. She went in for a colonoscopy and died four days later. The Dr performing the procedure was 9 months pregnant . She...


The story of Me & my Mom

I would like to share my Mom's story too... My mom's name was Jane Winnefred. She hated her name. She hated the plain Jane, but the middle name was worse. We always teased her...



Do you ever see signs of your mother? I know it sounds crazy, but I do all the time. Share your stories of a sign where your mom was nearby, telling you something or just made...


Mother's Day

Isaac is only 6 months old and I was sick with a cold and was also suffering from some bad allergies. I know there's no great way to say this, but I hope everyone at least...


Easter Holiday

This Easter I couldn't help but miss my mom. My son all dressed up in a button-down shirt and sweater vest. Dorky, but just the sort of thing that would have sent my mom into...


Thanks Molly.

Thank you somuch Molly for starting this. I'm 28. My husband is the onl other person I know that hs losta parent so early on. I'm greatful that my husband is there for me,...


Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all. I know the holidays are difficult. This is my 1st christmas w/ out mom. I find myself going overboard w/ the decorations, gifts andholiday...


My 1st post and a favor to ask.

I have been coming to this page for a few months now. I am very grateful to all who have shared. I have been afraid to share because of the severe tragedy of my loss... But...


Do you forget she isn't here

it will be one year on the 12th of october and a few times, i've gone to pick up the phone to say Hi mum your grand daughter is s brilliant she did this today. it's like i have...


we miss you

To My mum on her first anniversary, I know you can't be with us and it saddens me that you are missing out on so much of our lives, i know you are watching over us I miss you,...


LF baby Grandma

I know this sounds crazy, but here goes my "woundn't it be great" for the day... Wouldn't it be great if in real life, we could pair up with mothers who have lost their adult...


mothers day

Happy mothers day mummies. I new it would be hard but i didn't know not having my mum with me for this very special first mothersday was going to be this hard, i new she wasn't...