Tooth coming out in the front of the gum--is this normal?

Dulce - posted on 03/26/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello. Our 5 month old daughter had been drooling excessively, coughing at times, and cranky at times for the last month or so. We knew she was teething, but we didn't know where. Funny, she really doesn't bite into a lot of things (not yet anyway). Anyway, the other day, my husband was feeling her gums and found something kind of sharp and knobby on her gums in her upper left side of her mouth. We took a look and also found something white coming out--not down at the bottom of her gum but actually in the front side of her gum. Has anyone experienced this? Is this how a tooth is supposed to come out? I had sent an email to her pediatrician asking the same question, but all he said was that yes she had the classic signs of teething...I'm a bit concerned as I've read that the first tooth or teeth usually come out from the bottom front or the upper front of her gums...


Tara - posted on 03/26/2009




Hi Dulce, 

I would take her in to see her ped then he can see it/feel it as it sounds to me that it isn't what should be happening. Yes the first 2 bottom (middle/front) come in first, then the top/middle 2 come in next then alternating teeth beside these ones come in. If you take her in, then you will at least know for sure what is going on!!

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