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The PIC foundation is seeking new leadership, if any of you have an interest in being part of helping make this road easier for future moms please let me know.

The organization will be going through a major transitional phase and solid leadership will be critical! The website is currently down, please let me know if you would like information.

Board of Directors – Job Description
- Bring ideas and input into the organization
- Approve proposed activities via voting
- Govern all of the organizations activities
- Attend board meetings
- Participate in committees if required
- Ensure that organization’s activities are geared towards achieving mission and goals
- Approve annual budget presented by Treasurer
- Responsible for carrying out the organization’s mission and goals
    (i.e. promoting public awareness of organization in your own community)
 Example of an activity requiring Board approval:
PIC Foundation is required to sponsor an “educational seminar” once per year for potential donors. The Board Members would need to discuss and vote on where to hold seminar, how to pay for seminar, who would speak/present at seminar, whom to invite, and how those invitations would be distributed. The Board would most likely vote to form several committees to research these different areas and present the results of their research and recommendations back to the Board at the next meeting. The Board would then vote to approve moving forward with the recommendations.
The organization can not take any action without the approval of a majority of Board Members. (i.e. No one person can “run” the organization.)
The Board uses Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct business.
 Requirements for Service:
Term of service is 1 year
Attendance of annual meeting and bi-monthly board meetings (held via conference phone calls) 
Please understand that we are all parents of children that require extra attention.   Our first priority is our family.  We stand by the saying “family first”.  If you decide to take a board position and find your families’ needs are affecting your time, please tell us.  We can either replace your board position with someone else, or have your position on hold until your family is well.  In order for us to be successful and help not only our own children but the children that follow with Protein Intolerance, we need to come together as parents to educate our communities. 


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Mary Lynn - posted on 06/03/2010





I don't think I am in a place where I can be on the board, but I would like to help out in other ways if possible like getting the word out, helping with fundraising, etc.

Just let me know.


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