Exercise routine and healthy diet.

Lady - posted on 05/02/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I'd love to say that I had a great exercise routine but I don't, and although I pack a healthy lunch for my kids and generally make a healthy dinner, when I'm home with just the baby I don't eat all that healthily.
I used to go to the gym when I just had two of them but don't have the time, money or energy now. We have the wii fit and a crosstrainer exercise machine at home so I could do something but it so hard to get up the motivation. I do walk a lot pushing the buggie so thankfully that help keep the weight down and keeps me at least a bit fit, but I really need to lose my baby belly.
Do you have an exercise routine? How do you get the motivation to exercise at home?


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Sunny - posted on 05/03/2010




I eat whatever i want. Its bad i know but i make all of our meals from scratch and healthy. I just love lollies and choc and carbs too much to cut them out.
I dance everyday, even if its an hour around the house. I've just started back on point shoe and my feet are killing me now so im having a day off today :)
Oh and i love to go running.

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I used to belong to a gym and was pretty good about doing an hour of cardio plus weights about 3 times a week. But we just revamped the budget and I quit the gym. I told myself I would walk the neighborhood, but I don't. I think I'm just going to get an exercise DVD. Any suggestions?

I do eat well. I do all the grocery shopping, so I make sure not to buy too many snacks or sugary drinks. If I buy cookies and coke, it will be gone the next day. So it's best not to have them in the house. I am careful about reading labels. I like organic and foods without too many artificial ingredients or lots of sugar. I also make sure to keep plenty of fresh fruit on the house so my daughter and I will snack on that throughout the day. I always make sure there is at least one veggie at supper. I'd like to do better with the veggies, maybe force myself to eat some at lunch. My husband always packs a salad for his midnight lunch when he works nights. So I think we do better than average on the food.

Rosie - posted on 05/02/2010




i'm a horrible eater. i don't eat huge amounts, but i eat alot of fast food. when i go grocery shopping i try to get lower fat things like sour cream, and cream cheese, and hamburger and stuff. i've been trying (not too sucessfully to cut back on pop, i have a weakness for mountain dew)

i started going to a gym in october i think, and i've lost 20 lbs. i am excited about it, but it seems i'm at a plateau now, and i havn't gone for a week and a half now. it's hard for me to get there. i try but sometimes i''m a complete lazy bum and miss out. i need to get in the habit again.

Lady - posted on 05/02/2010




Apart from the odd chocolate biscuite in the house we don't have junk food either, so it's not that I eat a lot of junk, basically if the kids or my hubby isn't home I hardly eat anything apart from toast or maybe a sandwich.I'm luck cause I've lost most of my baby weight and fit in most of my pre pregnancy clothes, I can even get in my target jeans AND get the fastened, it's tonning I really need so exercise really but it's so much easier to sit on the computer than it to get up and just do it. I should just get a grip of myself and be disaplined but I'm not good at that - another bad habbit but this is the wrong thread for that lol!!

Sharon - posted on 05/02/2010




Honestly - the old "if you don't have it, you won't eat it"... works for me. Otherwise, when I'm bored, I could suck down half a bag of potato chips while waching a half hour sitcom.

Exercise... all the dogs need regular walks. I won't walk my husbands ill trained monsters. I prefer to keep my arms in their proper socket alignment. But 3 pugs, 1 pomeranian & a great pyrenese .. I get a good walk in each day... one day I"m going to take them all out at once.

LaCi - posted on 05/02/2010




I run on my elliptical an hour a day, minimum, most days. (Trying to shed my housewife fat I gained my first year of mommy hood) it's a fairly new routine. I work in 30 minutes of weights every other day, 30-45 minutes calisthenics on the days I don't do weights. Diet is my problem, I'm a snacker. I'm working on it. I don't eat anything unhealthy, All my foods are good wholesome nutritionally relevant foods, I just eat too much of them... BUT I'm working on it :)

I hang up charts with my measurements, weight, and goals with deadlines on my refrigerator so every time I go for a snack I have to look at it. The dining room is now a gym, so whenever I'm in the kitchen with Nico during his meals I'm right next to the workout equipment and have absolutely no excuse to not be doing my routine. My motivation is guilt, primarily. If I fail to get my routine is I feel horrible.

Beck - posted on 05/02/2010




I manage a gym part time (mainly from home) so that makes it wasy and with Curves its a 30min workout 3 times a week so I find its very easy to fit it into my week. When hubby gets home and bub goes to bed on a Monday I go to Body balance. Then Tues / Thurs and Sat when hubby comes home at 5.30 (or my mum pops over) I go to Curves for the 30mins. Home in time for bath / feed etc. I try and get out most days for a walk or bike ride as its good for me and bub (and the dog!) and makes us all happy.
I find having good food choices esp snacks in the house helps. Especially things that are easy to eat on the go or for both bub and I to have together.

Keep up all your hard work Mum's every bit helps.

Emma - posted on 05/02/2010




Well we eat a healthy balanced diet, i believe you can eat anything you want as long as its in moderation, Regarding exercise im quite lazy on that front, I did get some Arabic Striptease DVDs as i though it would be a little more interesting than the normal boring stuff. But the most regular exorcise is running around the garden with the kids we play monsters, and we have a decent sized garden so there is a fair bit of space to run. so thats about 20min a day

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