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I thinkmy children are getting a bit too used to getting chocolate as a snack although they do like fruit it never seems to fill them up - especially the almost 12 year old boy.
I'm struggling to find healthy but filling snacks to give them after school and was hoping that you might all have some suggestions!!


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Well my oldest is 11 and he is a stick insect hardly eats a bloody thing took him to see a docter because i think hes too skinny i mean hes in clothes that would fit a 7 year old and the docter just said hes ok dont worry. I think the fact that his younger brother is 19 months younger but 6 inches taller and a hell of a lot stockier doesnt help.

LaCi - posted on 07/08/2010




I think boys are the worst about being bottomless pits. I dread that. ;/ every boy i knew when I was a preteen and teen could clear out the entire refrigerator. And miraculously stay gangly, stupid boys and their lack of weight gain.

Charlie - posted on 07/08/2010




Try foods with more protein to make them feel fuller longer , yogurt , cheese and crackers , meats ect .

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I know what you mean the older they get the more crap they want to eat and you'd swear when they get in from school that they havent eaten since breakfast. My ten year old also has hollow legs which doesnt help. I try to get dinner on the table within an hour of them coming in or they'll fill up on anything else they can get their hands on. Ive seen Gerwyn come in from school eat a sandwich have an adult portion of dinner, eat a packet of crisps and then go on to have a bowl of cereal before he goes out with his mates. Then he'll come home from playing and beans on toast with scrambled eggs and another bowl of cereal before he goes to bed. I honestly dont know where all the food goes because hes not fat.

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We love Turkish bread with dip (our fave at the moment is macadamia nut and spinach or rocket)

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Well, since Michaela is only 2, she is not yet aware of all of the junk out there that she could be having. So she is satisfied with raw veggies & tzatziki, cheese, bread & homous, nuts, and fruit. I dread the day when she finds out that yogurt is not the biggest treat out there.

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Costco is my friend.... A variety of snack bags, fresh (or individual packs) fruit, baby carrots (which I cook a little cuz I can't stand to eat them crunchy)...

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Peanut butter is always a good failsafe, if no ones allergic. peanut butter banana toast is one of my favorite snacks. ;D

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Do you ever have leftovers from supper the night before? Sometimes I eat a small portion of supper from the night before as a mid-afternoon snack.

Or a wheat tortilla wrap filled with whatever... I like melted cheese or egg.

chips and salsa (chose the healthier type of chip and I make a yummy salsa with blueberries, red onion, bellpepper, jalapeno, cilantro and a bit of lime juice...I'm sure you can find tons of healthy salsa recipes online)

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I keep cut veggies & dip in the fridge.

A pot of cooked rice w/dried fish topping w/seaweed (lol) nearby

Lots of fruit

common sandwich items, ham, cheese, mayo (I wish they would add lettuce & tomato but so far that only eat those when I make the sandwiches.

healthy bagged snacks. whatever they have costco - 100 calorie snack baggies, I know you guys have seen them adverted on tv.

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