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Why did you choose the name you chose for your child/ren? Did you choose it because of it's meaning or origin or for cultural reasons? Did you name your child/ren after someone? You can answer this question without revealing your child's name if you are "private" =)

And for that matter...where did your name come from? I find these things interesting!


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Tah - posted on 09/12/2010




My name is is the female form of a male noun is hebrew and it means to make or create...i don't know if i am spelling this right as i would have to ask my daddy..but Asha. coming from in the beginning God sure he would explain it thats the short version...i always like the way he tells it since he speaks and translates hebrew and greek...

Morgan - posted on 09/09/2010




Our oldest is Carys Ann. Carys because it means to love in welsh and Ann after all of her grandma's and great grandma's. Our Youngest daughter is Dylan Paige. Dylan after my hubby fav musician Bob Dylan and Paige after Jimmy Page the guitarist from Led Zepplin one of my hubbys fav bands. We added the I to Paige just cause that is the way it is most commonly spelled for a first name. Coincidently her name is also welsh.

My name is Morgan cause my big sister named me and she liked it I was gonna be whitney but my dad and sister didn't really like the name. My middle name is Lane after my dad it is his middle name. My first name is also welsh.

[deleted account]

Our son Logan was named Logan for two reasons. We were considering baby names whilst on a bus when we went down "Logan Road" and we both decided we liked the name. Also we both love X-Men and Wolverine's real name is Logan =]

Emma - posted on 07/27/2010




Our daughter is named Tannith (the Carthaginian goddess of fire) and her middle names are Lucian (my hubby's mom's name) June (my mom's name).
And Our Son is Flynn ( Of Gaelic origin and means red headed ) he's not a red head but the name suites him. and his middle names are Kevin (my dads name) Andrew (my hubby's dads name).
We used the grandparents names as middle names as all but my mom have past away so it connects them to the grand kids they never got to see.

*Lisa* - posted on 06/12/2010




We named our boy Baylee James (after naming him Leah Claire til I was 34 weeks preggas coz the silly doctors told me I was having a girl 5 times). Baylee was a random pick straight from the baby name book hehe. We both liked the sound of it, but didn't want to spell it BAILEY because of the name of the alcohol drink. His middle name James was my grandfather's name and I really loved that name. But all of Baylee's cousins name's start with a 'J' so we had to settle for having James as his middle name. James is also my husband's middle name which is nice too. AND after naming him Baylee we found out that I had a great grandfather named Baylee also :)
No idea about my name!!

[deleted account]

Yes it is, Sara. I do really like it, so I only contemplated making it Caleb Christopher for a second... just to spite my ex, but I couldn't do it.

I did forget to mention that my middle name is Lyn... after my dad Lynn, but they wanted it to be different and dropped an N.

[deleted account]

My son is Jeffrey Calvin Joseph and he's named after his grandfathers (my FIL is Jeff and my dad's middle name is Calvin) and his fahter (huby's middle name is Joseph and it's been the middle name of the first son in every family since his family came to Canada 100 yrs ago.). If he was a girl his name would have been Geneva Lorraine Joan (after my grandmother, my middle name and my MIL).

My mom named me Wanda because she heard the name and liked it - up until that point I was going to be called Nancy. As I mentioned already my middle name is Lorraine and it's a family name. It's my mom's middle name and my grandmother used it in honor of a favorite cousin who was named after her grandmother and so on and so on.

Johnny - posted on 06/11/2010




Michaela Rose is my daughter's name. Michaela has been one of my favorite names for years, and my social work mentor's name was Michaela. She was a beautiful person, full of spirit, love, ingenuity, creativity, and intelligence. I learned so much from her and had a great respect for her. She was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 37, not long after her marriage when she was going through IVF trying to conceive. After that, I always wanted to name a daughter in her honor. And I hoped that the name would bring good things to the child. I was a bit concerned about how any future father would take it. But my husband's father's name was Mikhail and he passed away shortly before our wedding. So now, she's named after my mentor & Steve's father. She's definitely got a little bit of both of them in there. She's very creative and spirited like my mentor, and loud with a great sense of humor like her grandfather. The Rose is my mother's middle name and I've always like it.

My parent's named me Carol simply because they liked the name, no one else in the family had it, and I was born in December.

Jackie - posted on 06/11/2010




My Daughter is Allison Paige. When I found out I was pregnant I just KNEW she was to be an Allison. The middle name was the only name we could agree on and honestly, I can't imageine her anything different.

I am Jackie-Rae. My first name is after Jackie Gleason from the "Honey Mooners". I was going to be Jackie if I was boy or girl. They told my Mom I was a boy up until the day I was born.

Rae came from my Dad, Phillip Ray.

The Hyphen was added to my name from my Grandfather for luck when I was born. So much for that, huh? I'm not very lucky at all so I think he jinxed me :)

Krista - posted on 06/11/2010




I wanted something that wasn't TOO popular but wasn't completely out there either, and that would sound good at age 1 or 101, and that could have a really cool-sounding nickname.

So when we hit upon Samuel, we decided it was perfect. Plus, it's my husband's great-grandfather's name, so there was a family connection there too.

My name? I have no idea. Mom wanted to call me Lynn, after a very ladylike, dainty, elegant friend of hers (think Jackie O. crossed with Audrey Hepburn...that's what this woman was like.) I came out, and resembled nothing so much as a tiny Irish sumo wrestler. I was almost 9 lbs, with red hair, and red cheeks, and blue eyes, and was just big and red and robust as all old hell. And Mom tried for a WEEK to call me Lynn, but I just didn't match that dainty little girl-baby image that she had in her mind. So she gave up and gave me a name that she found in a baby book that she liked as well. :)

Lyndsay - posted on 06/11/2010




My son's name is Aaron Michael. I'm going to be totally honest here, when I was younger (like 15) I had a dream about having a baby boy. I dreamed the name Aryan Michael. I went to school with a boy named Aryan and I really, really liked the name (despite its connotations). I just thought that Michael sounded good with it. So, I was hell-bent on naming my child that. Fast forward a few years... I'm pregnant, a little more grown-up, and realizing that Aryan is probably not the best name for my child. Especially considering his father is Native American and the furthest thing away from the Aryan race (dark hair, dark eyes, tanned skin). So I settled with Aaron, because its close enough that it still sounds similar to what I originally wanted and because I think its a strong name that is classic, but not overly used. I kept Michael as the middle name because, wierdly, my hubby's name is Michael. He thinks our son is named after him, but little does he know that it was pre-planned for years prior... hahaha

LaCi - posted on 06/11/2010





1. Love all things of/relating to the former soviet union, accents, language, and names. So I ended up with slavic, although looking back I should have gone with Nikolai, I like the k better. Still might change it it's not like he knows how to spell his name yet ;x

2. Wanted the long "I" sound because I liked the assonance in the entire name.

3. Liked the meaning. "victory of the people"

4. Loved the nickname Nico.

He got Ryan for a middle name, because I liked the meanings and sounds together, its his daddy's middle name.

[deleted account]

Sarah, you reminded me that my sister-in-law Amanda was named for a Rod Stewart song. Her name is Amandalin Wynn for the song Mandolin Wind. I say she's lucky, could have been Maggie Mae! And I agree that Shia is a beautiful girl name. More suited for a girl than boy!

I love how many double middle names there are. We've considered it for a boy to get all the grandfathers' names in there, but didn't know if it was weird to do that or not.

Sarah - posted on 06/11/2010




My eldest is called Cadence Amalie. I heard the name Cadence on a film (Shallow Hal! lol) and fell in love with it. We were going to call her Cadence Lindsay after my Mum, but my husbands ex was called Lindsay, so we changed our minds! Amalie was the name we liked before we chose Cadence.

My youngest, I really wanted to call her Essen. All through my pregnancy I was dead set on it. Then someone told my husband it means "meat" in German, and we're vegetarians! lol (still don't think that's what it means!)
Anyway, so I saw a movie poster on a bus for the film Disturbia, and it said starring Shia Le Beouff. I thought, what a lovely girly name! My husband liked it too, so we googled it, and turns out he was a man!!!!!!
We decided to use it anyway though, as no other names came along that we liked better, so she's called Shia Essen.

I was named after the Bob Dylan song, Sara. Though my Dad added the "H" for some reason! hahaha :)

Lady - posted on 06/11/2010




I always knew I was going to call my first girl Heather and when I fell pregnant the first time I just assumed it was going to be a girl. When I found out it was a boy we had some serious thinking. We wanted a scottish name since we knew we were probably never going to live in scotland again we thought it would be nice for him to have some sort of tie - eventually we came up with Euan which means young warrior - and we spelt it the scottish way iinstead of ewan - just like Iain is the scottish version of Ian.

His middle name is Thomas after my grandad.

Heather was obviously easy, with the middle name Anna after Iain'm mum ann and my mum angela.

Allanah was hard but what was even harder was her second name - eventually we found out Cathrine is a family name and though it went quite well - again we tried to go slighty scottish - Allanah is the feminine of alan which means handsome.

And Lewis was concived in the scottish Highlands so we named him after one of the islands there - with the middle names alan and john after his uncle and grandad on Iain's side. So;

Euan Thomas

Heather Anna

Allanah Catherine

Lewis Alan John

Charlie - posted on 06/11/2010




Cooper Mark - Cooper we just loved the name and it happens to be our fave beer , funnily enough it means barrel maker in latin LOL Mark is my fathers name .

Our next one we are so stuck we cant agree on anything!!

Tanya - posted on 06/10/2010




Sara that is how we came up with my sons name. Something not to common but historic. Allen Julien. I love Edgar Allan Poe so I had to talk Justin in to it. Julien is a French name that comes from the roman Julius. Which is a name for Jupiter king of the gods.

I like the sort of magical/religious middle names and also the old fashioned first name. I have the names pick out for all of my children.
Rose Fae (fay) Fae is fairy
Jacob Seth- Seth is the Egyptian god of the Dessert
Emma Grace- Grace being associated mostly closely with christians

Like Sara H. and Teresa my middle name in Lynn
Tanya Lynn
Tanya( T-ah-n-ya not tan-ya) Lynn. My mother is a hair dresser and she got a book of names from one of her clients. She loved Tanya. In the area I live in we have a lot of Russian come over to work for the summer and since Tanya is a russian name they all ask if I am russian or my parents are russian. When I tell them no they ask why I have a russian name.

Lynn is my mothers middle name.

When we were picking out baby names Justin and I found out that our fathers have the same middle name. we were going to name our son Allen Wayne but my dad said he had hated that name his whole life and not to hang that on a kid. When we told Justin's mom about it (he dad has pass away) she said he had hated his middle name too. It was just another thing we have in common.

Suzette - posted on 06/10/2010




We had a boys and girls name picked. We're having a girl. :)

Her name is Mina Lee Marie. Mina derives from Germanic origins and it means Love, we found it fitting. =) We're calling her our LoveBug. =) Her room is decorated in ladybugs and butterflies. It all just kinda fell together. Her two middle names are both traditions, Lee is a tradition on his side of the family for middle names and Marie is a tradition on my side of the family. Lee is a tradition for boys and girls for his side, Marie is a tradition for just the girls on mine.

The boys name would/will be (we haven't decided if we're having another) Aaron Matthew Lee. Hubby had a favorite teacher in school named Erin (female) but we decided to use it in the male form. We were going to name the boy after my brother (Matthew) but I wasn't comfortable with it. My brother died four years ago this month. I felt more comfortable using his name as one of the middle names. :) And we covered where Lee comes from.

My name, Suzette Marie, is from a little girl my mom used to babysit when she was about 16 yrs old. My mom said that the little girl was so sweet. The family was French and very nice and the girl was so well behaved, she was about 2 yrs old. My mom said that I was/am nothing like that little girl. haha!

Jaime - posted on 06/10/2010




My son's name is Gray Eliot John. Gray comes from the title of the book 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', Eliot is a name I have always loved (the spelling comes from the author George Eliot) and John is my dad and brother's name.

I was named after my great-grandfather James and my mom's youngest sister whose middle name is Leigh... so it was hyphenated as Jaime-Leigh (pr: Lee). My middle name is Alice after my paternal grandmother.

Erin - posted on 06/10/2010




Wyatt Robert was named after his dad (Lukus Wyatt) and dad's grandpa and my brother's middle names were both Robert. I wanted to go with Wyatt Allen (my dad's middle name) but my husband had just lost his grandpa a couple of years ago so I compromised. I like both versions though.

I was named after Erin on "Little House on the Prairie." No kidding! Michelle is my middle name, I think my mom just liked it.

If we have a girl someday, it will be Elizabeth Michelle or Emma Michelle. Not sure about a boy name.

Isobel - posted on 06/10/2010




My first's name is Eve...I literally asked her (out loud) what her name was...and I just heard Eve...but she was also the first girl her father's family in two generations.

My second's name is Quentin, which means the time, the family consisted of my ex-husband, me, his son Brandon, Eve, and Quentin was the fifth...although we thought he was a girl and the name was supposed to be Quinne ;P

Rosie - posted on 06/10/2010




my boys, grant michael andrew brown-i love the name michael and wanted to name him that, but people would call him mike, and i can't stand that. i worked with a kid named grant and he was sweet, and the name seemed to fit him well. i'd only known older grants and thought of it as an older name, but i think it works with any age. andrew is my brothers name.

vincent michael anthony brown. this is horrible, but the owner of the WWE (one of my husbands favorite things growing up, sigh, i know, i know, lol!) is named vincent kennedy mcmahon. he wanted to go with vincent kennedy, but i compromised and said vincent would be fine, and i wanted to go along with the 2 middle names the first one being michael and the second one starting with the letter A. we like gangster movies, so vincent michael anthony came up and we loved it.

lucas michael aeron brown. had so much trouble with his name, i named him spencer at first when i was pregnant and called him that for months, then i changed my mind at 8 months and wanted to name him lucas. michael was a given, and aeron was the only A name left that we could agree on.

i was named after my mothers grandmother- kathryn. my middle name is dyan, don't think my middle name was after anybody.

Sunny - posted on 06/10/2010




We named our son Noah because of Noah out of the notebook!
When that movie came out every one we knew kept telling us we had to see it because the guy in it was soooooooo much like Jesse in looks and personality, and omg they were so right!
Its crazy how alike they are, so he had to be Noah! lol
Plus it was the only name that we both agreed on.

My real name is Sunshine Mary lol I like it but you wont believe how many bouncers think my id is a fake!
Everyone knows me as Sunny though :)

[deleted account]

Don't know about my name.

Samantha Lynn is after our dads... Samuel and Lynn.

Kyile Ann-Irene is after our grandmas Lois Ann and Myrtle Irene. Also, when I was pregnant we went out to eat and a family near our table had a boy named Kyle. We decided we liked the feminine version if we had a girl. Since we didn't find out their sexes til 25 weeks... we had 2 boy names and 2 girl names already picked out.

It was supposed to be Caleb Christopher after my brother Christopher, but while I was pregnant my now ex refused to name him that and insisted on Caleb Kekoa. I didn't have any real objections to the name other than I was pissed about not naming him after my brother... especially since we had the 'family naming theme' w/ the girls. I was really tempted to just name him Caleb Christopher after all the crap that went on between us, but by the time of his birth the name had grown on me enough that he already WAS Caleb Kekoa. ;)

[deleted account]

Eliza Grace is my daughter. Grace was my grandmother's name. I just like the name Eliza. It was popular several centuries ago. I wanted a name for her that was not common, but that was not made up. And I love history. In fact, I used to work at a plantation home and the daughter of the original owner was named Eliza (in the early 1800's). That's probably where I first heard the name.

Sara Lynn is my name. There is a bayou near my childhood home called Bayou Sara. My parents claim that's where my name comes from, or at least the spelling. Lynne is my mother's middle name.

My husband is Jason Leroy. Don't know about this one. He has an Uncle Leroy though.

Future children...possible Charlotte Lee (mom's first name, MIL's middle name) and not sure about if we have a boy.

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