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This may be totally normal, but I was oblivious to it until I had my own child. There seems to be an unusually large number of sick or handicapped children in my area. It makes me incredibly thankful that I have a healthy child.

1. My little sister's best friend's oldest child had a brain tumor removed last year at age one.
2. A friend from high school has an 18 month old daughter that is blind, cannot sit up and barely hold up her own head. They are in the process of finding a diagnosis.
3. An acquaintance from high school has a 2 year old daughter with congenital heart disease and an extremely rare chromosomal disorder. She's had open heart surgery among many other procedures in her short life.
4. My cousin has two children with the same blood disorder. Her youngest, just 1 week old, is in the NICU awaiting a blood transfusion. Her oldest, age 5, will be having his spleen removed in about a year.
5. A very good childhood friend of mine has a one year old that had an MRI done this week, because his motor skills have been getting worse. He started stumbling and falling over when sitting up. They are awaiting results.

I know that some of you have children with health problems. But it seems like this is a rather large number of children that I know to be having health problems. Is this normal? Is it like this among the people you know?


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Sharon - posted on 07/06/2010




No its not normal - not in my life.

I knew one child, second hand (friend of a friend, I met the family in person) was born with a congenital defect, when the spine doesn't fully fuse shut? ugh I forgot what that is called. Both parents used to be happy drug users and happy drinkers. They changed their ways before giving birth but I am not sure if they stopped the year they conceived, or 5 years before, kwim?

No sick kids in my family, no syndrom for at least 3 generations on my mothers & fathers sides. Only my brother was different - I'm guessing he has a form of autism due to him being born months premature. ( back then mothers weren't encouraged to visit their sick newborns and there was some thought he wouldn't make it - I tentatively attribute his "autism" to lack of bonding )

On hubbys side - terminal stupidity is the only affliction I know of.

No still births, no SIDS, no retardation, blindness, deafness etc

We feel BLESSED and give thanks often that our familys are just blessed this way.

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I don't know loads of children with health problems but I see plenty of them where I live. My brother-in-law has autism and he just turned 18 this year. Our friend's brother died from multiple illnesses when he was very young.

Rosie - posted on 06/26/2010




my friend has 2 sons with autism, and my oldest has been tentatively diagnosed with autism (we're still waiting on more opinions). while these aren't "sicknesses" in the sense you mean, there are a host of other problems that can be taxing for families with children like this. i am lucky that nothing else more dramatic other than all 3 of them having diabetes insipidus, and grant with his autism. these things are managable, i'd be horrified if i had to put my boys through heart surgery.

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Like I said, sorry for the depressing thread. I just kept thinking that it can't be normal to know that many sick children. Though the air pollution where I live is terrible. There are countless power plants and factories letting off God knows what into our air. The area between Baton Rouge and New Orleans has been called, "Cancer Alley". And I've heard (never confirmed this myself) that there is a higher percentage of Louisiana kids at St. Jude (children's research hospital located in Tennessee) than any other state. I'm sure all this plays into it. But I am incredibly thankful for my healthy child. I admire these people that I've mentioned. They have great strength, all of them!

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I don't know quite that many, but my cousin and her family have been through so much. She was born with a heart problem that also required surgery at a young age. She has Turner's Syndrome and she was diagnosed with cancer at age 6. She's 21 now and doing great, but I'm just so amazed by her. She's always been a positive and caring person. I do know a few others who have/had children with health problems. It makes me so thankful that my daughter is doing well. I always think of this when my daughter has a rough night and I'm tired. I know losing a little sleep is far from the worst thing that could happen to our family and I feel blessed for all that we do have.

Lady - posted on 06/25/2010




I don't really know any sick or disabled children either - at a couple of schools where my children have gone there's been a child with cancer but that's about the extent of it.
When I was pregnant I used to think that no one in the family (Iain's ans mine) has had a child born with anything wrong with them and statistically I used to think there had to be at least one so it was probably going to be one of mine - but luckily it wasn't - I still sometimes worry that something will happen to one of them just to because of the odds but then I try to think about the number of old people who get through life and it makes me feel better.

[deleted account]

I don't think I personally know any seriously sick or disabled children other than one little boy at church. He had a stroke or something when him and his fraternal twin brother were born. Plus something (forget exactly what) was/is wrong w/ his legs/leg joints. He's almost 6 now though and it's been quite amazing and inspirational watching him grow and learn to walk w/ his braces and stuff.

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