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Ok we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. Let's do snacks. Do your kids get snacks? If so how many a day do they get?

It usually depends on the day, but my son usually only has a snack about an hour before bed. It's usually some sort of fruit, but he always wants to have Dora fruit snacks (he's 2 1/2).

So what do you do?


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Jocelyn - posted on 06/12/2010




Conner just constantly eats. He has full range of of the fridge and the pantry. If he wants a sandwich he will pull out everything we need and then I just have to put it together lol. The junk food is on top of the fridge so he can't get at it (ie, chips, cookies, what have you). He will eat all day and will still be eating 15 min before bed time. He's unstoppable. His favorites are popcorn, apples, cheese, fruit-to-go, carrots, cucumber, and granola bars. And if he convinces me to make them, waffles (fresh or day-old lol)

Jodi - posted on 06/11/2010




@ Gillian, I actually stock up on disposable plastic spoons - I learned my lesson when I lost all my spoons one year, when Jayden was little, LOL. But at my daughter's school, they have fruit break at 10am, lunch at 11am and then snack time at 1pm. By 1pm, even being frozen, the yoghurt is warm in the summer. I know, I find the timing ridiculous, because they are cramming MOST of the eating in the morning and it isn't all that spread out. Poor kid is starving by the time she gets home at around 3:30pm......

Lyndsay - posted on 06/11/2010




My son usually only gets snacks when he asks for them. Sometimes if he hasn't eaten a lot at meal times I will offer, but usually I wait for him to ask for something. Snacks I'm lenient on, I will let him stand on the counter and pick what he wants from the snack cupboard. Lately its been crackers and cheese whiz.

Charlie - posted on 06/11/2010




Cooper is a grazer too , the fridge is always open with yogurt , cheese cubes , cut up fruit , vita wheat crackers , sultanas fruit puree , muesli bars .

He generally only has one snack in between brekky and lunch and another snack at about 3 in the arvo .

Sunny - posted on 06/10/2010




Gillian we do have those yogurt tubes here :)

Noah is a grazer, he snacks almost all day, he spews when he tries to eat a full meal.
He loves popcorn, fruit, biscuits and dip, frozen yogurt and plain bread and butter.

[deleted account]

Eliza will generally have one snack between lunch and supper. It varies. yogurt, fruit, bread, tortilla chips and salsa, popcorn

Isobel - posted on 06/10/2010




the kids know the fridge is always open for healthy snacks but they have to ask permission for treats...and in their lunches they get one fruit and one treat with their sandwich

Sharon - posted on 06/10/2010




The kids can eat a snack any time except half an hour before dinner time.

various cheeses
rice crackers
otter pops
are the most popular snacks but not the only snacks.

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My girls 'typically' eat a small breakfast, some lunch, and then don't stop eating from the time they get home from school until bedtime.... It varies w/ my son when/what he eats.

We are very 'lax' w/ the snacks. Especially since I tend to eat so often. It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to be eating in front of them and deny them the same. It DOES happen... just not often. ;)

LaCi - posted on 06/10/2010




He doesn't really eat any snacks anymore. Sometimes he wants a cookie, whatever kind I've made that week, probably peanut butter. Sometimes he wants some bread or crackers. Sometimes he wants a piece of cheese. Usually he wants a meal though. Unless we have ice cream, which he will try to steal every bit of. He also loves his daddy's kashi Chewy bars, but he rarely gets those because daddy is stingy with his post workout snack.

Lady - posted on 06/10/2010




My kids aren't nearly as healthy I'm afraid. They take a cereal bar to school for morning snack - the younger two usually have toast or ceral bar and fruit. The older two always take a packed lunch (with snacks like fruit and a treat) and so does the middle one on the two days she stays at nursery.
Then after school they do like a treat - usually chocolate or cake or chocolate spread on bread or pancakes - sometimes a sandwich or cheese on toast - if they are still hungry after that they get fruit.

@Jodi - I get the yogurts in tubes and freeze them - in the summer it does the job of keeping their lunchboxes cool and by lunchtime it's defrosted but not off!!
Not sure if you have them in Australia but if you do you should give them a go - saves on spoons geting lost aswell.

Jodi - posted on 06/10/2010




Yeah, my kids get snacks. I pack snacks in their lunches for school each day. Generally they have a piece of fruit, some crackers and cheese, and maybe a treat, like a pack of tiny teddies or a museli bar. During the winter, I may pack a yoghurt, but not in the summer because it will go off in their lunch box.

Then, they have another snack after school. My daughter (age 5) may just have another piece of fruit or yoghurt or cheese. My son (12) is a hugnry boy - he often eats the same as his sister after school and then proceeds to make himself a couple of slices of wholegrain toast, then asks if he can have something else. I stock up on popcorn (plain, not butter and all that), fruit, wholegrain bread, crackers and cheese, and veggie chips (and many other things, I just vary it each time I shop). I can't keep up with him these days.

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