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Distract me please!

My girls have been gone w/ their father for 6 days (officially the longest I've been away from them in their 8.5 years of life) and we still have ELEVEN days left!! I've only been able to talk to them 3 times so far. :( My son also really misses his sisters and is being an even more difficult 2 year old because of it.

Thanks for letting me share. Well, you couldn't really stop me. lol!


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Clean out all the closets! And then have a garage sale. That should get you through 11 days. That right there is a chore!

Sharon - posted on 06/04/2010




Its hard here too. My boys are off visiting their grandmother and my daughter is here with me. Keeping her bus has been hard and I miss them. On top of that - today is my younger sons' b-day.

1. I got a lot of arts & crafts.
2. I bought the stuff to make rice krispy treats plus decorations, mini m&ms, sprinkles etc.
3. we've been to the public pool
4. she's had a sleep over with her friends
5. I'm debating with myself, about a lunch out with her
6. a trip to the bookstore might be in order


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Rosie - posted on 06/04/2010




bake bake bake. and think of it as a way to spend quality time with your son instead of time away from your girls.

i'm sure you've done it all on that island since you live there, but theres so much to do there, it's be easy to fill the day up! :)

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Thanks guys! Unfortunately Sara, everything I own is stuff we need/use and already junk anyway.... ;) lol!

Oh, I LOVE breaks from them.... A school day is perfect. The occasional weekend is survivable, but this is crazy... IMO, at least.

We aren't spending much time in the house except for eating and sleeping times.... which helps, and I've been watching a movie everytime my son is napping which is something I love to do and don't get to do that often. ;)

Lady - posted on 06/04/2010




Oh it must be soooo hard for you. I hate being away from my kids even if at first I think I want it. My mum has taken the two older ones for a week twice and I missed them soo much. Even if they are just on a sleep over the house feels empty with out them.

Try just planning some special treats with your son like painting or making cakes or trips to the park or the zoo, anything to try and keep you both occupied. They will be home soon and I'm sure are missing you too. But they will thank you for the opertunity to spend time with their dad when they are older - as hard as it is to let them go you are doing the right thing. If it doesn't work out with him and them then that will be his fault - you have done right by them and given him this chance.

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