Mums concerned about bullying

A childs time at school should be a happy one. A place for them to grow and develop academically and make new friends. A place free from humilition, oppression and abuse. Sadly, for many this is not to be - because they are being bullied. Bullying has a detrimental effect on a person's physical, emotional, academic and social well-being and many sufferers have long-term problems as a result of being bullied. I was bullied at school for 5 years, left before sitting my exams and developed an eating disorder. Some 30 years later, it happened to my son. This was my worse nightmare - especially as the school was not supportive. It's over now and my son is at another school and is happy and thriving. To help others affected by bullying I founded BulliesOut. We work with individuals, schools, youth and community settings. If you, your children r anyone else you know is concerned about bullying, please visit Our website is full of helpful information and we have Online Mentors available daily between 5pm - 8pm


I was bulleyed

I was bulleyed as a child and I would come home from the horrible bus ride crying. I told my parents but they told me to just ignore them. This went on for years. They called me...


im seething

i have just discovered that my 13 year old daughter,s bullies are using facebook as a means to discuss my daughter, and one put up a video that my daughter didnt know was taken...


The Bully Defense

My 10-year-old is experiencing his first bully at school (who is 4 times bigger than him). He wakes up sick to his stomach and crying every morning, fighting not to go to...