Mums coping with children in early puberty

A place to talk, vent and exchange information and tips with mums who's children are in early puberty



not sure if my 3 year has actually started early puberty or not, last year she went through so many tests and we were told her hormone levels were fine no problem. thing is she...



My 9 year old girl has started developing. I wonder if it's time to start explaining the facts of life. Does anyone have any books to help with the basics of development for...



I am a mother of a 6 yr old little girl with advanced bone age and testosterone levels. we are not quiet in puberty yet. we do have hair development and we do the mri 's of her...


get to know

Hi just wondering what type of early puberty your child is going through. What steps have you gone through. There is a lot to tell so lets get to know. You may have some info...