Early Growth, 10 year old son, ejaculation, too often

Rynae - posted on 11/12/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello. My name is Rynae, I am a 31 year old mother of 3.

My two girls started puberty quite early, but it wasn't too much of a concern.

But my son just turned 10 and he's going through puberty very early, started producing semen already, and the amount of it is so much that I'm legitmately beginning to be scared he has something wrong with him. I've talked to some doctors and a sex therapist, and they said it was just precotious puberty. Just early. They told me it was common and getting more common in the last decade and nothing to worry about.

Ever since he was very young, he would get erections. From 2-6. Around 7, his penis started growing. Every few weeks or a month it was noticeably bigger and the erections were happening more and more, as well as sexual thoughts and talk.

Between the ages of 6 and 10, he grew from about 3 inches to 7.5 inches. He just turned 10 not too long ago. He has very light pubic hair, but he hasn't hit nearly enough growth spurts. He's not growing taller than normal, no voice changing, just the penis growth and erections.

He is also able to ejaculate, and he does very often. Usually 1-3 times per week, with a high volume, and he would probably do it every day if I let him.

I KNOW this is extremely above average, even for a teen or hormonal boy.

For example, the most recent incident, he said he had a lasting erection for days. It wouldn't go away. He said it didn't bother him at all until towards the end of the week where he started to complain about pains in his penis and testes, mostly testes. They looked slightly bigger than normal but not swollen or abnormal.

Sparing the details, he had 4 consecutive orgasms in a row, within a 3 or 4 hour period, the first three were very abnormal almost scary, the last seemed fairly normal. And he seemed fine after that. And another thing, the first orgasm happened spontaneously without masturbation or any physical contact. It just happened. I've never seen or heard of that.

And as far as the abnormal volume, on average, his orgasms last usually a solid 40 - 60 seconds or more. It just doesn't stop. I've been with many healthy men before and none of them came close, perhaps even the most was still about 1/4th - 1/8th the volume of semen, and never lasting more than 15 seconds.

I've had plenty of talks with him and I know I probably shouldn't be worried, but does anyone else know what might be going on or what I should do?

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