I am worried about my 8 year old daughter.

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My 8yo daughter seems to be going through early puberty. The first thing I noticed was body odour from the age of about 6. Now she has quite a lot of pubic hair and the start of underarm hair. She also suffers from terrible mood swings. I am not sure what to do. I have a referral to a paediatrician. Are there other mums with children going through the same thing? Are there some things I can do to help her, i.e. alterations to diet? Any feedback would be appreciated.


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When I was a scout leader I had several 8 yo girls in the troop who had hit puberty. From what I understand this is becoming more and more common in some parts of the world, including Southern Europe and the US.

Some scientists think it is because there are a number of pollutants today that mimic estrogen. Pesticides are one of the common ones. For that reason I have never used pesticides in my house since my daughter was born. You might review your daughter's diet to see if she might be taking in "phytoestrogens." These are found in tofu and soy products, flax seeds, sesame seeds, hummus, garlic and other foods. There is a list at http://www.dietaryfiberfood.com/phytoest... .

Having a higher BMI (ie being plumper) often leads to early puberty as well, and since we seem to be undergoing an "epidemic" of being overweight, more cases of early puberty would be expected. Again, if your daughter is plump you might see what you can do tom help her lose weight. Get her to be more physically active and prepare low calorie foods for everyone in the family so your daughter doesn't feel picked on.

The other apparent cause is genetics and there isn't much that can be done about that.

In any case precocious puberty has been recognized for a very long time in girls as young as six and boys as young as 9. It does need to be checked out because there are several disorders that can result in excess hormones being released, which causes the early maturation. These include various tumors, which need to be removed if present.

There are a few medications that can help. Some are very expensive, some are less so but have side-effects. You need to talk to your daughter's doctor to see what might help with the fewest risks. Adult height can be affected by early puberty so you do need to talk to her doc about it.

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I have a 10yr old daughter and she got her first period last march of this year. I too struggling from all of mood swings. I just posted a question earlier about it because i don't know what to do anymore because it's affecting the family especially me. as i said on my post i was leaning towards ADHD but the more I have been observing her and for the whole month of june i have been keeping a diary of her daily interactions i am leaning towards PMDD - it's some kind of PMS but kinda worst.

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My daughter is 9 w/ the same diagnosis.We saw the pediatrician and then the endocrinologist. They did an X-Ray called a "Bone age growth" which is done to the hand only. It's to determines basically how big her bones r relative to other 9 yr olds. She has the size hand of a 12 yr old. She is 5 ft 107 lbs. she hasn't started yet, but I am waiting for it any day. She turns 10 in October, I just hope she makes to that milestone before starting. She has the mood swings,pimples, hair have started. She is horrified by all of this she hates it. Especially the boobs.She sooo doesn't want to discuss it,but I have to get her ready. I have so many questions.How is ur daughter dealing with the periods? R u using sport bras? Pads or tampons?

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