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mums due in april 2010

any mums or mums to be due in april 2010 wanna chat about differnet thing please feel free to join


Braxton Hicks

Im 28 weeks prego and was just wondering if any other mommies to be have been experiencing slight contractions. The doctor indicated that it sounded like Braxton Hicks...


April 28th new baby question

my little man is 3 days old and just wondering if anyone else is having a problem with not being able to set there baby down... dont get me wrong i love holding him but i have a...


baby photo sessions

Hello~ If anyone is having a new baby photo session, I am offering a discount to circle of moms participants for custom baby tutus and all our hair accessories. I started...


not long to go ladies : )

hi well not to much longer hopefully for all our sakes the next few weeks go fast so has everyone got everything organized for bubs ??? GOODLUCK TO YOU ALL WITH THE BIRTHS OF...


back pain

anyone have lower back pain? I did not with my first pregnancy but do this time around. It's a sharp pain and it hurts to walk! I do still pick up and carry my 26 lb daughter...


people in south coast areas

hi im Roslyn im the administrator for nsw coast mum and want new new people, i live on nsw south coast in tuross and have just moved here from Canberra and don't know many...