Welcome to the group, please take this opportunity to introduce yourself :)

Sarah - posted on 05/28/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Welcome to this community, i'm hoping it won't be long before it takes off.

Please feel free to introduce yourself and share your story. All questions and advice are welcome and i'll do my best along with fellow members to find as much info you may need.




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Sarah - posted on 05/28/2010




Hey Jess, thanks for sharing what you are going through. Although its a cruel thing to be experiencing its great to see i'm able to talk to others about it. Helps to feel a sense of normality.

Wow you are going to be a young mum, not that thats a bad thing, i fell pregnant with my first at 18. I admire you for being so brave, but i'm sure you will experience so many rewarding moments watching your baby grow.

I also had a history of depression through my teen years, i'm 22 now and my depression was well controlled for a couple of years and i was able to come off my meds for about a year before i fell pregnant with this one. But man its come back in the cruelest form, i hate that the baby seems to be to blame.

I know how you feel about your bf being able to still go out and enjoy his life while you feel trapped at home, my husband does the same and it just makes me feel more sorry for myself.

You definately shouldnt blame yourself, i know thats easier to say though.

Are you taking medication for your depression or getting any counselling? If you don't feel like going out with friends, have you considered calling a couple or even just your closest friend and seeing if they could come over for a bit of a pamper session at your place or a movie marathon or something?? It might take your mind off worrying about the baby for while and give you that boost before the delivery...

Jessica - posted on 05/28/2010




Hi Im Jess and have been going through a similar time to you. I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant and already suffered with depression. One of my ways of copeing was keeping busy like going to school, part time job, seeing friends. In the later part of my first trimester I started to get really sick from the morning sickness and Im 36 weeks now and still have it. I lost 6 kilos and had to go into hospital becuase I was dehydrated. Being sick has stopped me from keeping busy, Im no longer in school, had to stop working and never go out with friends or even my boyfriend. I went through a stage where I couldnt even get out of bed and I found myself feeling really sad and anxious all the time, even angry at the baby and blameing him. And Id feel really bad that I felt angry at the baby because its not his fault at all and Id feel like how am I going to be a good mother if Im not feeling affection for the baby? I found it hard to talk to my boyfriend about it but when I did he said he understands and is supportive but I worry that he might think Im being selfish for getting upset. My life has completely changed and the baby isnt even born yet but his life is exactly the same, he still goes out all the time without me now cuz I just dont feel like leaving the house. and this makes me really upset aswell. I cry all the time and just worry about what to expect. I feel bad for feeling like this but I know that depression is a condition and I shouldnt blame myself

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