Hungry babies??

Emma - posted on 05/20/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hiya my names Emma and iv recently had my first child ( a boy named Adam) he is very forward as a baby and was very sturdy and strong when he was born and weighed 8lb 8oz he is only 1 month and 3 weeks old but is on a 6-7oz feed every 5-6 hours and it just doesnt seem to be satisfiying him, he is sleeping from 10pm till 7am so its not disturbing his sleep, but i really think he may benifit from early weaning...obviously not yet but maybe when he is just over 3 months i know its not recommended till about 5-6 months but i just wanted some non medical advise if anybody else has had a hungry baby??


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Leanne - posted on 09/11/2009




Hi Emma, I have a little boy who's two next month and he was an absolute starver! He would be sitting in his car seat or bouncy chair when he was about 2 months old and watch every mouthful you took, moving his mouth too. I weaned him at about 3-3 1/2 months and it was the best thing I ever did. All he was doing was getting grumpy because he was hungry, (he was drinking 8oz baby milk every 4 - 4 1/2 hours!) I also found he was getting colicy because he was hungry. The build up of acid was giving him pain so I started him on baby rice and a week later he was having pureed sunday lunch. The best advice I can give you is listen to what your instinct says, you know when your baby is hungry. If you feel the time is right for proper food to be introduced then go for it. Best wishes and good luck! (It can be very messy!!!! You have been warned :) ) Leanne

Catherine - posted on 06/12/2009




i weaned my first thre children at three and a half months, they all did fine. but the one i waited with is now eight months and still wont take any solids at all. try giving milk every four hours, but if you want to try him on puree from three ad a half months go for it, try fruit and veg ones, and nothing with gluten til 6 months as can upset their digestive system and make them constipated. if he does get constipated when you start try giving him 1 oz fresh orange in a bottle with 8 oz water. hope it helps

Xena - posted on 06/10/2009




hi emma, I weaned both my children at 3-4 months as they just didnt seem satisfied with just milk!although we kept them on the milk for quite a long time after weaning also.
All babies are different, and you know your's better than anyone else! it sounds from what you have said though that he is contented enough to sleep properly so he obviously isnt starving, If i were you i would definetly try weaning him in a month or so! after all if he doesnt take to it you can just wait a bit longer and try him again.

Emma - posted on 05/22/2009




i had a very hungry baby he would eat 7oz feeds every 3 hours i know they say dont wean them but their not the ones who have to feed them all te time so i weaned my lil one early when he was just over three months i put baby rice in a bowl added his milk i used a spoon and he took it from the spoon but he wasnt fussed on the rice not enough flavour so i tried him on baby jars the fruity ones or pureed fruit for him and u know what iv never had any problems if you lil one gets constipated just stop for a day or 2 then carry on. but im glad i listen to myself as iv now got a happy contented baby and he is definately not overweight,

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