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Kimberley - posted on 01/20/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




got a letter today for an appointment for my 19month old to have the jab, and im sooo unsure on what to do , i really dont want her to have it but what if theres a break out and she gets swineflu and is really bad with it?

but then what if in a few years time they realise that the vaccine is bad for you , so confused

help! x


Melanie - posted on 01/27/2010




I unfortunately didn't have a choice my son is sick so if he caught swine flu it would kill him. I always say to parents that are unsure is check out the medicine given for swine flu it has worse side effects than the injection itself. I'm not judging parents who don't wish to give there children swine flu at the end of the day it's a choice that only you can make. If your child is healthy then i see no harm in not having it. Both my kids had it and only had sore arms afterwards no temperature xx

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I got a letter this week too I havent a clue what to do either. Ive done a bit of research though. My son was offered Pandemrix and it was invented in 2006 for bird flu. Common side effects are similer to most jabs fever, rash etc. Rare ones include anaphylactic shock but this occured only in people who were really allergic to the ingredients. The long term effects bother me more because we dont know what they are its only been around for 3 years so how can they know its safe. Im 10 weeks pregnant too so i'll be offered the jab too but ive already decided not to have it but its a lot easier to make a decision about my own life than my sons. Ive also read (dont know how reliable this info is though cos im no doctor or scientist) that when they tested it on lab mice it caused infertility in some mice. Understand what your going through ive had the letter for 3 days and i still cant decide.


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Sarah - posted on 04/03/2010




i was completely unsure so i spoke to other mums i know and to the nurse who administrates jabs
i decided to let my son have it. he got it a couple of days after his 13month mmr jab and other than being a bit poorly for a week .. nothing major other than a rash on his back (think being poorly was more related to mmr same as the rash (says 1-10 get a measles type rash .. he was just unlucky then)) he's been absolutely fine since he's 14months now.

Vicky - posted on 01/29/2010




my 4yr old son had his the same day that i had mine (my daughter has recently had chemo so everyone in contact with her had to have it). his upper arm was red for a couple of days and that was it. my arm was very sore and swollen for about 4 days. no other problems except that. my daughter is booked in the week. id rather have the jab and know theyre safe than them catch it xx

Alison - posted on 01/27/2010




ive decided not to let my 22 month old daughter have the jab and so have the majority of other parents i know, especially with little ones under 4. I did alot of reaserch on it and found out that in under 3s they dont know what all the side effects might be and they also dont know how effective it is (this is written on the leaflet that comes inside the box like with all medicines) its a personal decission but i felt that my daughter is fit and healthy so would have a very good chance of fighting it even if she did get it x

Kayren - posted on 01/24/2010




Hi Kimberley
As a mum of 3 I totally understand your concerns. My two youngest havent had the vaccine, but my oldest has, as he is on the critical/priority list. I am happy to report that he had no adverse effects from the vaccine. In fact he felt worse after the standard flu jab. I am keen to get my other 2 vaccinated as soon as I can as my area has had swine flu quite badly.
Good luck with your decision xx


Lady - posted on 01/21/2010




i got the letter too for both my youngest children 10 months and 4 years - i was going to take them but because of the weather there was no way to get to the surgery. i think i will be taking them the next time the surgery is running the clinic i would hate for either of them to get the flu and with having an older brother and sister at school they could be at risk - the flu vaccine is based on one they have been using for years it's just been altered to fit in with the swine flu and there's been no evidence that it's harmful but the flu is not a good thing for under fives to get and if the got it and were really ill i would feel terrible that i had the chance to prevent it and never. in the end though it's your decision - it's your child and no one can tell you what's right for them except you. good luck!

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