mums living apart from there babies

just so ppl can unite with understanding cos its sumtimes difficult


Separated from kids..

Hi all, I'm surprised I found a group like this..great! My former partner & I separated 5 yrs ago now, we have a mutual understanding, and decided he could have full custody....


Part time parent.. =[

I am new.. I don't even know if people use this group anymore. I only get to see my kids 2 days a week and sometimes not for weeks at a time due to the father being a mean mean...


missing my children

My youngest is 11 and I have only supervised visits at a center and it breaks my heart everytime I have to leave after spending 2hrs with her every 2 weeks. I am fighting it in...


It's hard

It is so hard living apart from my kids. Mom daughter turned 13 in March and my son 15 in April. I am living apart from my kids because my ex husband and his lawyer stole my...