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For all mummies that have 2002 born children.


my little boy

hi my little one is 6years old and always playing with his penis is he normal or what


Wow I had no idea...

My daughter was born in September 2002. What a special year. My husband was actually called up due to 9/11 that year.


Having "The Talk"

A very dear friend of mine was telling me the other day I really need to have "The Talk" with my daughter. She is only 10. Does anyone else feel that way or am I being ignorant.


Help! My 9yr Keeps Stealing Food!

My 9 year old daughter will not stop stealing sweets! We keep only a small amount of sweets in the house which are designated for after-meal treats or a special occasion, and my...

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Hi, New Here

Hi, my name is Jessi, I am 27 and have a daughter, Nyah who was born June 1, 2002. I look forward to getting to know more people with kids her age. She is so fun to have at...

Started by Jessica on 01/22/2009 in Mums Of 2002 Babies

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My son wants to take dance lessons

My son is 7 and wants to take Hip Hop dance lessons. My husband and I don't want to hold him back from exploring new things that he may like to do but it is so expensive. Does...


why do boys not listen the first time!!!

I am guessing it's a boy thing, both of my sons seem to not hear me when i ask them to do something I think they call that selective hearing because if I say I have chocolate...


Hi all, I am the mummy to a NOV 2002 baby

Hi all, my name is Kelly and I am the proud mummy of Elizabeth, she was born 5th November 2002 in NY. Elizabeth has brought so much joy to us and I couldnt imagine being without...


imaginative play

hi my son is now 8 and he is still playing games in his own 'zone' and without the use of toys, for example, he will 'play' alone in tesco. is anyone else still experiencing...



My son, now 8 (OMG can't believe he's that old!!), who is not listening to anything I say. And has even started talking back. WHAT DO I DO????? seems like everything i try is...



is it me or all boys ionto this wwe wrestling its drivin me mad i av to girls 14 12 he keeps body slammin an clothes lining an other moves i cant prenounce?

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Hello my name is Angel i am 34 and married to hubby wayne who will be 36 on de 6th, we have a son name Tyler that is 8 year old and he was born on Aug 9th ,02.he is in the 3rd...


So proud of my "baby"

Even though she's not my "baby" anymore.. she was the ONLY kid in her SCHOOL to get perfect attendance all year!! She came home early a couple days but it was after the "cutoff"...


slumber party ideas???

my daughter is going to have her first slumber party friday night and i was needing some ideas?? rent a movie?? she is going to have 6 girls over

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anyone have a december 2nd baby in 2002

my son feel like he the only december baby in school other than his girlfriend. anyonegot a december 2nd baby. his girlfriend was born on the 1st. send me a message.