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anyone else have a child in grd 1 that can't read yet?

Michele - posted on 03/06/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




hi my son is having such a hard time to learn read .just wondering if anybody else is having this problem.we read to are son all the time 2 to3 books a night we have done this since he was a baby.


Justine - posted on 12/15/2009




I have this problem. My son is seven. He was six in first grade. He was the second youngest child in his class. He is in second grade now and is only reading at the begning of a first grade level. I had him tested by the school for a learning disability. Well thay said he didnt have one. He was slow in math but was average to above average in reading. I didnt believe this. I read to him all the time he did well in preschool and K. He started second grade and the third day of school got a note from his teacher. He is behind. Having trouble with reading. I knew this told her everything that happened in first grade. Had parent teacher conf. He is in a special math class and reading class. Met with those teachers. Hi reading teacher said there is deff something there. He is having trouble. He trys so hard and will not give up but something is there. Im having him reevaluated by the school. And in the meantime trying to get an appt with the neurologist to see what he can find. The school will tell you boys take longer to read and catch on. True but then there is something there. The schools only test for ADD and ADHD. They dont want to accomidate a child with a real learning disability. Try everything you can. Really pay attention to where your child has the most trouble. My son knows all his words and can spell them correct (up to 4 letters out loud any more he will mis spell but if he writes them down he spell them right) but when it comes time to read then in a sentence he cant do it.

Ashley - posted on 02/16/2010




My oldest son has a hard time reading as well. He has a speech problem, which does not help much either. He has been held back once before, and I don't want him to be held back again. I don't know if they can do that or not. I feel real bad for him, b/c he is having such a hard time. They have him in speech classes, and CMC classes. CMC are classes that are suppose to help him with recognizing letter sounds and to help him put them together. It is bad enough that he has other health problems besides not being able to read.


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Lena - posted on 11/07/2018




my granddaughter is 6 and in 1st grade and has trouble understanding the alpha bett and cant read

Ladyak_47 - posted on 05/16/2011




Yes, I have a 8 year old who is having a hard time learning to read, but he is also in Special education. Just get him tested with speech and language at school and they might have suggestions also, have him read easy reader books to you.

Kim - posted on 01/25/2010




yes my daughter is having trouble. She is doing better but still at below 1st grade level. My son was reading at 4, but she just never got the hang of letters. It was Nov before she finally 'got' it. She was also having speech problems but they found she was only a little behind and not enough for therapy(I had been trying for yrs for her to be evaluated!!) but it was affecting her letter sounds which you need for reading and writing. So now she is in Title I which is a special ed class for both. I too read to her since birth since I also read to her older brother daily. We now do 15 minutes of me reading to her and 15 minutes of her reading to me each night. I can't push her more than that she gets frustrated. I am actually having trouble finding books at her level. We have gone thru all the books at her level at the local library(Pre readers, Level 1) she can't even read most Level 1's.

Vikki - posted on 04/21/2009




I can relate. Of my four children the 3 oldest are boys and their ages now are 15, 8 and 6. My oldest had a real hard time learning to read- his situation was half day kindergarten and then grade 1 where reading was being taught with memorization of common words. He barely passed grade 1 and it took a lot of work at home with him teaching him phonics and the sounds, blends etc. My second oldest had half day junior kindergarten and half day senior kindergarten then off to grade one. He was a little more prepared in regards to reading but still by the end of grade one was struggling a bit and phonics were being re-introduced into learning at school. My youngest boy had half day junior kindergarten and full day senior kindergarten and was able to read before grade one. I have heard many parents say boys take longer to read or every child is different. My situation though I feel it is in regard to how and how much is being taught at school. As parents we can help our children, as you do by reading each night. But who really wants to spend hours after school teaching your son what should be covered at school. It is not fair to the child who has spent a whole day in class "learning" and it is not fair to the parents who want to spend "family time" with them the few hours between school and bedtime. I would talk to his teacher and find out if phonics are being taught.

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