Any one have any advice for bad nappy rash (more around the front the bottom)?


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Kirsty - posted on 10/18/2009




I don't know the age, but if bubs is eating and drinking, try and steer clear or anything sugary or acidity, even watered down oj can still be bad, you could also try watered down prune juice as this helps clean the system gently which can help the acidity of the urine? Just a suggestion

Deanne - posted on 10/04/2009




Quoting Carina:

Any one have any advice for bad nappy rash (more around the front the bottom)?

Julie - posted on 10/03/2009




If really bad nappy rash you need a good barrier so it does not rub and hurt her with the nappy. Best barrier which is thick is 'Nappy Mate' mix in anti-fungal cream and top with corn starch with aloe vera powder. If you can, let her go nude! it is getting warmer now, let her be free fromthe nappy as the fresh air will help clear up and soothe the nappy rash!


Brid - posted on 09/20/2009




Best thing for severe nappy rash (2 times day for about 3 days)is a thin layer of Clonea or Canasten anti-fungal cream, nappy paste/sudocream after this and finish with a later of petroleum jelly or vasoline. This is a 'triple therapy' and really is excellent, best time is before bedtime so the creams work overnight, you really will be impresseed...brigid

Chelle - posted on 09/12/2009




If you have a warm house I always found no-nappy time was the best cure. i let my bub have a warm bath - no soaps just a play in warm water then get him dry & let him have some nappy free time so he got plently of fresh air to it. Then after id had him nappy free for as long as possible id pack his nappy full of cornflour / cornstarch baby powder. If it was overnight id use the sudocream.

Id also change his bum every time hed even done a pee lol i went thru heaps of nap's those times but it cured the nappy rash :)

[deleted account]

plenty of nappy free time - but I just used sudocreme when the nappys are on.

Is it spotty or does it look raw and meaty? If its the latter then it could be thrush (took me a week to identify it in my daughter. If thats the case then you can get some cream from the pharmacist - there is one that actually works on both thrush and nappy rash. If your not sure just ask a pharmacist to take a look and see what they recommend :)

Dianne - posted on 09/08/2009




bepathem cream works wonders and maybe leaving the nappy off for a bit let the skin breathe and corn startch baby powder or mylanta por por cream (its a natural cream u can pick up from the chemist)

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