Mums of Rainbow Babies

For mums in same-sex relationships


Hello fellow rainbow moms 😉

My daughter just turned 16 she has always been my best friend I'm a single mother I am gay, but she is my biological daughter (hope I spelt that right) lol anyways as I...


Hello all...who's on here?

Just wanted to say Hi! I was excited to see a group like this on here! It doesn't look like a very active group so I thought I would introduce myself and my family... I am...


New families Highs & Lows

Hi :) I'm in England and live with my 6 year old daughter and female partner of 2 years. Happy mostly but struggling sometimes!! It's hard hey!!!!


Hello Rainbow Families

I was thrilled to find this group, but noticed there haven't been any posts for quite a while so I thought I'd see if I could get us talking again. My daughter and I have had...


can i join?

Im not in a same sex relationship, however, i do support the rights of those who are. and i really love rainbows!!!


Im new..hows everyone doing?

Hi there.....I am new in this mom community...I live in ohio and have a 9 yr old daughter and 6 year old daughter.They are just wanted to say hello...


can i be a member?

im a mother of a rainbow boy and a crystal boy but i am not in a same sex relationship, can i still join this community? The one i am looking at is Mums of rainbow babies


I am a rainbow baby!

Hello I thaught this was a group for everyone in the rainbow family.. i am a rainbow baby but i am not gay. My father is so my son has a two fun rainbow grandpas :) is this...


im worried

about the talk im going to have to have with my son when he asks why he has two moms instead of a mom and a dad any advice?


Being a rainbow mom

Sometimes I wonder will my boys think that it is ok to date the same sex because that is what we see mom doing! I know that I will have to explain to them when the time is...


A Year later

Hi everyone. I am new to the circle of Moms and new to this group. I wasn't sure if there would even be a group on here but happy there is. I was married and had three...


Hii..New Here..

New to this community. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Staciie. I have a nine year old daughter from a previous relationship when I was trying to be straight lol....



Somehow all my photos in my albums have posted to this page? This was not my intent! If anyone knows a way I can fix this I am happy to. I don't think photos of my co-workers...