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Hi ladies,

Check out my new groups.

1. I’m the parent! This is a place where moms can stand up for their parenting choices and vent. This is a free speech group and the title is inflammatory so expect some drama. (We will still uphold CoM guidelines). http://apps.facebook.com/circleofmoms/gr...

2. Let Kids Play! If you believe that kids should play, get dirty, be exposed to germs, climb trees, and risk the odd bump or fall then this is the group for you. Perhaps you are an overprotective parent and proud of it. Feel free to share you views, you are still welcome. I promise that this group will be a drama free zone with no bashing. This is a group is a place where people can share stories and views and swap ideas. http://apps.facebook.com/circleofmoms/gr...

All moms are welcome in both groups. Feel free to join one or both groups and get posting.


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Part of my motivation to start these groups was being a Brit in America. I became more aware of competitive parenting on both sides of the pond. I also started to take more notice of out right freaky parenting. All moms are welcome in both groups. Feel free to click the above links and join.

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