Mums with children in trouble with the law

This is a forum for mums with kids who are in serious trouble either in prison or on trial. Mums struggle with a lot of guilt and have difficulty managing ethics and values. Yet really love thier kids and want to support them. We need each other to bounce ideas off and to share our struggles while coming to terms with family disaster



Okay sorry about the first post I'm looking for support with my son. He is 18 and married things have been terrible about a month ago his wife called the police on him he was...


jail time- hope not

hi i have a 21 ,19 and 17 year old boy who have all had there turn with the law all three have been caught stealing or withn stolen property my 17 year old is still in court...


Scared too Death

Hi Everyone, My name is Monique and I have 4 children, 3 boy and 1 girl. My oldest is Charles 21, Trevor 17, Korran 9, and Shani 7. Im so afraid to post to be honest but iI...



hi again , its lucia my son has finally gone through court process, he has to do 25 hours community service but he has been staying out of trouble since the arrest. god...