local school isnt treating my son nicely

Dianna - posted on 02/15/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




hi everyone im very new at this but glad i found it i was just wondering if any other mothers out there are having as many problems with there school as i do?my son is 6 and just started yr1 the school he attends doesnt let him play out in the playground AT ALL he gets discriminated left right and centre if i had time id list everything but i think u know what i mean by this does anyone want to share stories my son has add and odd......


Kim - posted on 02/20/2009




I'm not sure where you're located but my advice, as a former teacher, would be to have your child tested by a clinical psychologist. I, too, have a 6 year old son who has ADHD, although it is borderline. He does not have ODD. What the clinical psychologist told me was that he had a high average to superior IQ, as well as ADHD tendencies. You have a right, by federal law, to request a 504 plan, administered by the school. When I took the scores from my son's IQ scores and his ADHD scores into the school counselor's office, she agreed that my son needed to have behavior modification because his grades were suffering (per his teacher) from his ADHD tendencies. I agreed to start with an intervention team at school to modify the situation in the classroom prior to taking the 504 action. Do NOT let a school tell you that you CANNOT do a 504 plan if your child has ADD/ADHD/ODD or any other medical condition. It is FEDERAL law and because it is a medical condition your child qualifies!!

Bottom line, YOU are your child's advocate and YOU must stand firm by making sure your child has what he/she needs and deserves so he/she doesn't become a statistic of "at risk" children when they get into middle school/high school. You must be educated in your task PRIOR to advocacy or you'll be trampled by official school double talk. Trust me, I've heard it all this year and NONE of it was true, but stated matter of factly in hopes I would believe it to be true.

Best to you!!




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Jacqui - posted on 07/03/2011




Qld schools prefer the children to conform to the norm. Even tho many children have ADHD, ODD etc. Many teachers/Admin don't believe in ADHD as far as they are concerned, its an excuse for bad behaviour. My son was treated poorly by his school to the extent they blamed him for things he didn't do or wasnt even at the school at the time. go figure. I've home schooled him, difficult when you have to work etc as well.

Leatonya - posted on 04/10/2010




My kids school is awful as well they are completely under staffed and they don't provide any specialized education for my daughter.She does well with her grades but its a struggle for her.It takes her twice as long to complete a assignment then the rest of the children.Then in the evenings when its time for homework its hard on me to get her focused and teach her to retain the information that was taught to her.....I wished Missouri would get there act together to develop programs for ADHD children and its only going to get worse as now they have to do a million dollar cut back just in our town alone so I'm guessing by the time my youngest two reach school age they won't be teaching much at all if any....:(

Cheri - posted on 09/10/2009




Withdraw him immediately!!!! I homeschooled my son because he was beat-up the 2nd week of 1st grade. I had to argue with them to withdraw him as if he were property (they get federal funding per child), yet they were not going to protect my son, nor were they going to discipine or prosecute the purpetrator! I was horrified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have partental rights, your son has rights, you demand them for your baby!!!
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God bless and please let us know how your situation goes!

Jenny - posted on 07/23/2009




I have been there my daughter she just turned 11 and she was put on the wall everyday at recess and they never let her play they made her do work she couldnt get done in class and this went on without me knowing it until the last 2 weeks of school and I kept asking them why she would come home crying talking about she has no friends well how can she make friends when they wont let her so I went to the school and had a talk with them and then her teacher tells her about me calling and complaining and she told her teacher that her cousin told me which our cousin did tell me she lives right across the street from the school and can see them on the playground but her teacher told her that she's not buying it so I went back to the school again and found out that their is this thing they can do for your child when they have things like ADHD where the dr fill out a paper stating that your child does have it and then they get half the work and double the time to do it in to help them out and also when they start taking istep they are in a room with other kids that have the same problem so that it is a smaller group and they can't get distracted a easily it is a special ed type thing but it isnt special ed they are still in all normal classes they just get a little different treatment when it comes to their work since I got my daughter in that she is a lot happier and has went from F honor roll to B honor roll it has helped her out alot so you might want to talk to them about something like that...I hope everything gets better for your son and I hope this helps

Michelle - posted on 07/05/2009




i have noticed that queensland schools don't recognize adha or add which i think is stupid i suppose it would cost them money to provide adequate care for this children

Shannon - posted on 05/17/2009




Does he get any kind of physical activity at school at all? I believe that they are required to provide that for all children.

One thing that I have done for my son is set up a safe word or a sign that he can give his teacher that he is starting to have trouble. It is something that only him and his teacher know so that the other kids are not aware anything is going on. Kids can be cruel when they know someone is different.

When he gives her the sign we have different things he can do. She will give him something to take to another teacher, or go to the nurse or councilor for a while to recollect himself. When he was in elementary they would have an aide take him out to the playground so that he could run some laps or swing for 5 minutes. It allowed him to burn off some energy and give him a break from the lesson. He could then come back refocused and relaxed.

We also set up an IEP (Individualized Education Plan)for him at the school.The IEP describes the goals the team (you, teachers, school councilor, etc)sets for a child during the school year, as well as any special support needed to help achieve them. It helps make all the teachers aware of the problem, offers alternatives to handling the situations, and they are required by law to follow what is put in that IEP. It is there to protect them make sure that your child will get the help he needs to succeed in school.

Be prepared to stand up for anything that you don't feel is in your child's best interest because they will try to tell you that they just cant do that. Its just that they don't want to have to deal with it and do the extra work needed. You can get a child advocate to come in with you, they know the law and will make sure your child gets what he needs. Mine works in the same office as my sons councilor. You can also contact your local DFS office or a lawyer to find one.

It will be a constant battle for you all. But they will learn that you are not going to just sit back and do nothing. They know that they have a legal requirement to provide an equal education to your child regardless of his disorder. Good luck and remember that you are not alone.

Adrianne - posted on 05/15/2009




That's horrible. I can't believe that anyone would be so cruel as to exclude any child no matter what their issue is. I have a 3 1/2 yr old who has ADHD and she is going to be starting preschool this upcoming year. I'm really hoping that she doesn't have any of those problems especially since so far, I've had to be a stay-at-home mom because I live in a small town and every daycare provider that I know, knows she can.. well.. get out of hand. So I hope that all you other moms with this issue are able to get it taken care of. Wish me luck in the upcoming year!

Kim - posted on 04/13/2009




Hia, Nice to meet you. My son is 9yrs old, he has combined ADHD and ODD, dyslexic tendancies, learning difficulties and severe behavioural problems. He was permantely excluded from his creche at 2/3yrs. At 3 also, in his 1st month of nursery (in school) he was excluded for 1 hr. In this school he was kept inside or made to hold the hamnd of an adult during break, he was stopped from going to school trips, he was permanetly shouted at, teacher saying, 'you're a naughty child who lacks discipline. He now attends a special needs school where he has been since April 2007, he has been excluded, kept in etc and now I have to attend a meeting on the 20th April 2009 to see if they can permanently exclude him, I have been told there is no other school in the county that will accommodate him. I'm no teacher, I'm no saint but this this country letting my son down, what a start to life.

Good luck out there mums and dads who's children have this terrible illness because neighbours, families, the authorities, health, in fact any proffessional person DON't  WANT TO KNOW.

I've been fighting for my son for 7yrs and am no further ahead, I have now enlisted the help of a brilliant solicitor, so I still live in hope.

This country is so behind the times!

bye for now.

Nicola - posted on 02/17/2009




Hi iv gone through same thing with my son he is nearly 10 and in a mainstream school, they did treat him so different to other kids as he as been branded a naughty child not a child with Disorders, i arranged a meeting with school and social services and my sons doctor and that did help and they are now trying there best to help him.

It is bad but you have to fight for the help for your son it is hard but there is help for schools and our children.i hope this helps you. Nicola

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