Out of control three year old with ADHD HELP!!!

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I have a three year old daughter that is just out of controll. I have gone to the doctor and they tell me that she has ADHD but at her age there is nothing that I can do until she if 5 years old. I cant accept that she doesnt listen, is always on the go, bed time and nap time is always a pain, I dont understand what to do any more, her emotions are crazy, she never stops talking is always loud and is starting to be rough with my ten month old daughter. I have tried fixing the diet making sure we are on a strict schedule with meals nap time done plenty of play time and activitys out side and jsut nothing helps. She has always been this way she started crawling at four months took off running at eight months potty trained by thirteen months. She is brillant she knows how to sepll and write her name and spell smart has a hand full of books that she can read on her own she knows her alaphabet, can count to twenty on her own knows most of her shapes and konws her colors. I feel like a bad mom when i have to displin her. She is so smart I am jsut at a loss at what to do any sugestions ...


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what would it be for some thing like the head start program... I have had questions bout that cause I had all the child development classes when I was in school and parents brought their kids for like three hours and we did lesson plans for them and all and I am pretty sure it was free to which would be nice.

Grace - posted on 06/26/2011




Contact your local Regional Center and school district ASAP. Especially regional centers, they may have their own in-take procedure and will give you a plan.

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