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Mums with Cleft Babies

This is a group for anyone who has or knows gorgeous babies with Cleft Lip and Palette. Great place to share ideas, thoughts and feelings. Any tips with feeding, surgeries or anything you've picked up along the way would be greatly appreciated!



Hi guys, I have twin boys both with cleft lips one has a bilateral complete lip and palette and the other has a bilateral hairline lip. i was wondering if anyone else has twins...


Feeding when baby

I am just wondering how long it takes or took you all to feed your child? how do or did you manage the nightfeeds?



Hi there, My name is Kate, I have a beautiful baby boy, Samuel Aidan who was born on 26th May 2009. He was diagnosed at my 20 weeks scan with a unilateral cleft lip and...


Welcome to Holland

This poem is a beautiful way to express feelings into words, it really helped me a lot. Welcome to Holland - Emily Perl Kingsley I am often asked to describe the experience of...


Hi guys!

Hi there, Ive set up a new community/group called Mums of Cleft babies....would love you to join for support and sharing your thoughts. Thanks! xoxox