mums with diabetic children

my daughter was diagnosed with diabeties in may this year she was 7 years old and had dropped down to 2 1/2 stone. we would like to find other people who know how we are feeling and get some ideas of how they cope with it, and even offer advice that we have.


yay we love the pump

hi all, just thought we would update you on our news, megan has now started on the pump (monday 20th july) and she absolutly loves it, she loves the fact that she has got no...


families with diabetic children

hello i am emma and my daughter megan was diagnosed as diabetic on the 1st may 2008 after she had dropped down to 2 1/2 stone, she was very poorly and of course we blamed...



hello we just thought that we would send you all a little update, we had a call from the hospital yesterday and they have secured funding for megans pump, there are 2 possible...


hello all

i would like to take this opportunity to welcome ant new members and thank them for joining this group i hope you are all well and that all familys are well to. we have been...


hope you had a good xmas

hope that you and your family hada good xmas and have a good new year. we all enjoyed ourselves and were even able to keep megs bloods on target apart from the 1 before bed so...