mums with mental health problems

a community t help suport and be there for mothers with mums with mental health problems weather it be from haveing a baby such as postnatal depression or other like bipolor weather its a milke case or bit more worse we all need suport some time



hi my name Emma and suffer from borderline personailty disorder. i am married for 11 years. i have one son with diyspraxia and my marrage is in a little state. in relationship...


Medicine Withdrawl?!

Hi everyone. I'm not a mom yet but I want to be badly. I am diagnoised Bipolor disorder and am on all kinds of medcine for this. I also have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian...



hi well i saw there wasnt a group like this well at least not one that i could find and i made it as ib had meantal health problems for 1\2 my life now and at the moment im...