My mom thinks differently about my son and his guitar than I do, any suggestions?

Brandi - posted on 10/03/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My son started playing guitar about 2 months ago. He is learning very quickly and his teacher is pleased. But...when he practices he only does the required 30 min and never picks the guitar up again. Sometimes he does but very rarely. My mother thinks he should just take the guitar to his room every waking minute that he has time and play with it. I personally think he is just starting and it will take him a while to get that interested in it. Am I wrong? Should I make him play it more or should I just let him play it as he wants to, except for the 30 min requirement for his practice?


Rachel - posted on 03/23/2010




Yeah, I agree... it's never good to push too hard. Maybe what you can do is find easy songs he likes... try to make it more interesting. Once they learn the basic G C D chords they can play a lot of simple songs! It is ok to encourage. Some kids need encouragement. As long as he's at least doing some hopefully you don't have to worry too much... but do stick to rules. Ex - if I buy a guitar for my kids the deal will be that they have to try it for a year or so.... if after a year they don't like it then they can choose to move on... but we don't give up when we're first learning. It's easy to get discouraged when you're new to things. Wish you the best of luck! Maybe throw on some cds and let him listen to how awesome guitar can be... Some good options... Derek Trucks, Jimi Hendrix, maybe some bluesy stuff... some reggae, some rock.... there are so many cool guitar players.... it takes a long time to learn, but it can be so worth it if they enjoy it :-)


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Heidi - posted on 11/21/2011




Find out his favourite songs or music and print out some chords and lyrics or tabs...
He'll be inspired more to play stuff he knows and likes and will be more inclined to play around with it a little longer till it sounds good. That's how I learned. I loved the oldies so I practiced till I could croon along to Simon & Garfunkel :)
Some cool sites for beginner rockers!

Good luck!

Julie - posted on 12/17/2009




Music is an aquired taste; going thru the motions doesn't make you a "true musician" the fact that he only practices a certain amount is okay...I've been a band director/private music teacher for years...and as they start out I remember very few of my students that took horns home every night etc... I am now in the same boat my 10 yr. old started playing clarinet but despite her natural gift she (at this point) seldom practices any particular amount at a time.... I I want her to find that love as i did on her own not be forced into it and then hate it later on. Music is a crutical part of their character and development it teaches discipline, responsibility, and helps develop good behavior patterns along with self esteem, and even aides their academic progress... so its definately important. Perhaps a suggesting of a band instrument along side the guitar; many of my students naturally grew in intesrest once they could see the "fun" side of learning to play (concerts, football games, parades etc...)

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I think you should let him just do the 30 minutes a day for now. If you force it, he may get turned off from the guitar entirely and may want to quit. Encourage him to share what he's learning with you and, if you play the guitar also, play with him sometimes or show him a song or two. Practice time is often a chore for kids rather than a fun learning experience. Try to find a way to make practice more interesting and he may warm up to it more and want to practice longer. Is he learning how to play any fun songs or is it all scales and boring stuff? (sorry, I think scales are boring :) Anyway, I don't think you should force him to do more until he's ready. Good luck!

Michelle - posted on 11/20/2009




Don't push because if you do you could cause him to loose intrest and not want to play anymore. I agree with everyone else here. You are doing the right thing.

Nancy - posted on 11/16/2009




I think you should happy he is practicing the 30 minutes. Once he learns to actually paly thing and he feels more confident about playing he will do more. I think if it is in his room he may ptck it up and dabble with it...I agree with you. Don't push

Monika - posted on 10/22/2009




Definitely don't push the practice time. It's much more important that he loves playing his instrument, and that his practice time is efficient -- which, it sounds like it is if his teacher is pleased and he's learning quickly.

I'm a private music teacher, and I've seen soooo many kids lose their love/interest for music because their parents (or whoever) got hung up on a certain "amount" of practice time. :(

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