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I just dropped Kiana off at EEE, she goes 2 mornings a week and it has been great for her! I had a conversatioin with a teacher who wanted to schedule an evaluation for her. So in our conversation she said that the test needed to be done to determine if Kiana qualifed for the program she was enrolled automaticlly because of her involvement in Family Infant Toddler program which she was enrolled in as an infant because of development delays these delays were motor skills. The teacher says Kiana needs a 40% delay which she is sure she has. Now she is walking and running, she is weak at times and requires being carried at times because she tires easy but the 40% delay she was talking about was her cognative skills. I keep feeling like she is doing so well, her speach has been slow to come but I feel like she understands me. In my mind I have been working with her and working with her you know with theropies and activities that will allow her to thrive and I feel like she is. I stay at home because I want her secure I adopted her and she had failure to thrive and reactive attachment disorder and Epilepsy on top of all that. I am sure that if she had been left with her birth family she would have never thrived and I know she wouldn't have been where she is.

I walked out of the school and got in the jeep and started crying, because I realized that the fact is my beautiful baby girl has a very hard road a head of her. I have tried to keep in my mind that her delays were due to her Epilepsy, her failure to thrive and her reactive attachment disorder. So I in addressing the isssues she had emotionally and getting her seizures under control was going to cure the rest but I guess maybe that's not the case. I get very upset when people say will she be normal. Because I see her as normal but what I feel bad because I realized that I did have some idea of what normal should be and now I feel like a bad mom ! Dont get me wrong I love my baby with all my heart but I wanted some day for my life to be normal again and I guess that may never happen !


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i am sure your little girl is thriving with you, you sound like a very loving and understanding person and she is lucky to have you as a mum.....

i wonder what normal is, i mean i believe we are put on this earth to serve a purpose, some of will never know what that purpose it and others will conquer the hardest road and the tallest of mountains.... my doctor once said to me that he knows why woman have the babies, and that is because we are the stronger of the 2 sexes, maybe not physically, but we are the ones that keep going and we see the light at the end of each day..... i know for myself it has taken 2 marriages, the 2nd was emotionally and sometimes physically abusive, 4 kids which one has epilepsy and the other has food allergies and asthma, to realise that i would like to help people.... im a single mum and i do struggle from day to day but in the big picture if i can make families feel as though they are not the only ones to deal with the roller coaster of having an epileptic child then that is my road and mountain that i have conquered....

your little girl will have mountains to climb but you are a strong woman and will be there with her every step of the way,... and then your tears will go from being upset to being happy then being proud. not just for your daughter but for yourself aswell, be proud that you are giving this little girl what her biological mother couldnt....

guide her and show her how to fullfill her life to the best she.can.....

i dont mean to go on but i hope that you can understand what i am saying...

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