My 7 months old.. doesn't babble

My 7 month old son doesn't babble, no "Mama, Dada, Baba" etc. He doesn't even like to talk that much, no "Ba, Ma, Pa, Da". Even though I think I hear a "ghoooo" every once in a while when he takes a breath and then lets it out. But it's just once and not often. When he "talks" he "talks" a bit for him self in a soft voice "Aaa, Ooo, Auu, Oooua" especially in the morning after he wakes up and lies in bed. Then he does that a few times a day, often when his hand is in his mouth. He doesn't really talk back or imitate. He loves to smile and laugh though and loves to laugh to peek-a-boo. He also squeels and screams of joy, and plays with his voice that way. That's the way he plays with his voice the most - squeels or however you call it. He LOVES to watch himself in the mirror and then he screams of joy to and licks the mirror and touches it with his hands. He can put his arms up pretty good when he wants to be picked up and he always watches us in new situations and with new people to see our reaction. He loves attention and to be social with us. He wants to be held etc. He got two teeth a month ago and he is trying to crawl but he hasn't learned to do so yet. He can sit with minimal support for a little while and he loves to stand in the sofa holding onto it or standing on the floor holding our hands. No matter how much I babble to him, he doesn't want to give it a try and I'm so stressed about it and it makes me sad reading about the babies being so talkative now and they should be etc. I'm so sad about reading about the red flags and so on. It just tears my heart apart. When did you babies start to babble and do you have any experience with my "problem"? Do I need to worry or does it sound all normal? I just want to calm down and relax and enjoy my baby..


Baby Birthday.. Party Planning

I'm hoping for some advice as to how I can best plan my son's birthday party. Is any particular day preferred? How much notice should I give parents? How long is long enough...