mild cp and walks on her tip toes

Veronica - posted on 03/24/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




my 3 yr old daughter has a mild case of cp and also walks on her tip toes. any ideas on how to do her stretches without it hurting soo bad she cries? or what therapy i can do with her here at home?


Michelle - posted on 04/22/2010




Hi Veronica
My son has level 1 spastic diplegia and he used to walk on his toes. This was caused fact that his heel cords were so tight. He wears AFO's everyday and has recently had Botox injections. This has help but we do a few different exercises to help.
1 - He sits with his bum right up against the wall (hios as far back as possible). I brought his favorite stickers and place one on each toe. He has to take the sicker off using the alternate hand but has to pull toes back towards himself.
2 - Socks off. heels on floor. I place a marble just under his toes and have him raise his toes up and pick the marble up with toes and the lift foot to drop marble in a small box not too high
3 - I have him sit on a stool and keeping heels on the floor he has to raise toes to the ceiling to pop bubbles I have blown and place just above his toes.

Walking up stairs and any inclines also help. Anytime we go somewhere that has a wheelchair ramp I have him walk up it.

Hope this helps. These are all things that our therapist showed up to do at home between visits


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Caroline - posted on 07/02/2012




My daughter was born 9 weeks premmie, weighed 3 pounds & 11 ounces, she had many challenges. She was not able to walk un-assisted, she needed support to sit up, druelled constantly, developmentally delayed, frquent body tremors, seizure like episodes, kind of in a daze all the time, clenched left hand, choking on her food, speach problems etc tec. She was elevated on her toes when holding her towalk, she was splinted for a leg brace & they wanted to give her botox, but after researching botox and discovering how its made and there were no long term studies I decided against it. Her life was restricted & so was mine ...and it looked this way for the rest of her life ... & mine. I felt hopeless.

We were attending all sorts of treatments and therapies which cost a lot. A friend told me about some special wellness supplements from a particular company, she started taking them in her yogurt, after one week she was up walking un-assisted, it made an immense difference to her brain function, memory, balance, mood & cognition in a short space of time. I was elated!
I am so grateful to the person that told me about this incredible technology. She now has a life now ….. and so do I.

Kate - posted on 04/26/2010





Very good advice from Michelle, anything you can turn into a game makes things much easier. Instead of having set "stretches", try and change the way the 2 of you do things. My son is 10 now, but I remember how hard it was at that age as they dont understand that stretches are for their own good. A pity she is too young still for a tendon release. The only other thing I can think of is to try and incorporate as many squats into her day as you can. For instance, when picking things/toys up off the floor, try making a game out of squatting and doing it.

Good luck anyway, and it does get easier!


Susan - posted on 03/31/2010




I used to have kids I worked with as an OT climb up inclines/hills. Gentle stretches are easier if you warm up the muscles first like in the bath

Claudine - posted on 03/31/2010




hi, our oldest child is 6 yrs old and he also has a mild case of cp and he walks on his tip toes also. we had to get inserts for his shoes to help him walk flat footed. and he has physical therapy every other week. do you have any stairs at your place? if so have your daughter walk up and down them. that should stretch the muscle out. i know what you mean about when you do the stretches that it hurts them but it has to be done. if i was you i would call your therapist to see what type of stretches would be good for your daughter. i hope that helps you

Jill - posted on 03/28/2010




hi veronica

i have a little boy 4yrs old with cp spastic quarapledgia and he walks in a pacer on his tip toes he has just had some splints made to stop him i know it hurts to have to do these streches and it hurt them but i always think that if it is hurting them it is also working on them i find that if i do lewis s stretches whilst he is in the bath it helps him lots as they are more relaxed or make a game out of if it and if she still continues to cry then get your physio involved and they will show you best on what you can do at home x

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