Phenol & Botox Injections? Pros & Cons

Calley - posted on 07/26/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter Evie is nearly 3. She had congenital CMV that caused brain damage resulting in many various issues. One of the major ones is Cerebral Palsy Quadraplegia. This has caused her to have spastic muscles in her Hamstrings, Hip adducters and gastrocnemius.

Her Physiatrist asked if we wanted to do Phenol injections in her upper legs, hamstrings and adducters, and Botox in her calves in order to give her some relief and hopefully help her progress with walking.

As of now, she is unable to stand alone. She wears AFO's and has a gait trainer, a Rifton Pacer. She loves it and is very very excited to be in it and upright moving it around. She especially loves to run into walls and furniture as well as stand up next to her sister and cousins and touch their noses.

She seems very motivated to learn to walk, VERY. We want her to do well, and we're wondering what you moms out there have dealt with when it comes to these injections.

I have some worries about Botox since it is Botulism. I mean, that's awful sounding. I've heard as well that it doesn't work long since their bodies grow immune to it eventually.

Thanks everyone for your help.


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Caroline - posted on 07/02/2012




My daughter was born 9 weeks premmie, weighed 3 pounds & 11 ounces, she had many challenges. She was not able to walk un-assisted, she needed support to sit up, druelled constantly, developmentally delayed, frquent body tremors, seizure like episodes, kind of in a daze all the time, clenched left hand, coking on her food, speach problems etc tec. She was splinted for a leg brace & they wanted to give her botox, but after researching botox and discovering how its made and there were no long term studies I decided against it. Her life was restricted & so was mine ...and it looked this way for the rest of her life ... & mine. I felt hopeless.

We were attending all sorts of treatments and therapies which cost a lot. A friend told me about some special wellness supplements from a particular company, she started taking them in her yogurt, after one week she was up walking un-assisted, it made an immense difference to her brain function, memory, balance, mood & cognition in a short space of time. I was elated!
I am so grateful to the person that told me about this incredible technology. She now has a life now ….. and so do I.

Calley - posted on 08/16/2010




Thank you for your comments. We have her scheduled to get the injections in November. I'm nervous about it, but feel like it will be a good thing for her. I trust the doctor, she is wonderful and listens to everything we say. I'm excited to see the difference in her muscles. I know it must be uncomfortable for her to be soooo tight.
I am a massage therapist and have worked with her since she was born, but there is no cure for the damage done. It helps to keep her muscles stretched out, but her brain keeps telling those muscles to contract and pull the wrong directions.
Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

Holley - posted on 08/15/2010




my daughter is 5 with hemiplegic cp....shes been getting the botox for a year now...she gets it about every 6 months in her left is amazing the difference ive seen...she hasnt had any negative effects at all...and plus the doctor wouldnt recommened it if the benefits didnt out way any negative...

Jakki - posted on 08/12/2010




I used massage therapy on my son Austin. you can match that with PT and have her try to stand on her own,against a wall. Austin's PT did that with him and my mom in law would have him walk short spaces between us. When he got good at that we would widen the space.

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