My ex-husband and mother have turned my family against me.

It has been over 3 years since my divorce from my ex-husband who is an attorney in our home town. I have a little girl from that marriage and am remarried with a son as well. My little girl is SO smart and has picked up on so many thing through our separation, divorce, and the aftermath. My ex had numerous affairs, but I never talked about them with my family so as soon as he accused me of cheating, they quit speaking to me all together. This has been going on for so long now I am afraid things will never get better. My ex still spends time with my brothers, their wives, and my mother so they get to see our little girl. However, she has started making comments about how they don't like me and it seems that she is learning hatred from this whole situation. I just wish my ex would realize how he is hurting her. He has a family he can turn to and I wish he would allow me to rebuild a connection with mine. My younger brother recently had a new baby and my ex will know my own nephew more than I will. My mother has done some hateful things through all of this and I feel she is manipulating my entire family, including my little girl when she is with her. Any advice?