My mommy wears combat boots!

For moms who are Active Duty military. A place to share stories and pictures, as well as give suport to other mommies in uniform!


Dual Military with a 2 year old

Ok I am currently a Army wife and I want to get into the medical field I used half of my spouse scholarship to get a better job for my family but nothing has been happening. For...


dual military?

anyone here with a husband also in the military? it would be great to talk and share stories with other women in the same situation.


Thoughts on being a military mom

So. I just wanted to know what other moms feel about being a military mom. I enjoy it. :] Knowing that I go to work everyday to take care of so many others and then to come home...


Im fixing to join the army.

Can anybody help assure me that im doing the right thing and that my daughter wont forget who i am. Shes only 15 months old and ive never left her for more than a week with her...


Young moms in VA

Hi, my names Avery. I'm 21, and I have twin boys who are 2. My husband and I are both in the Army. I got stationed in Fort Eustis a couple of months ago. My husband is in Fort...


Thank you!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for joining the group. I am very proud to serve with women who also share the title of mother :-)



I am currently deployed and have been for 5 months now. My son just turned 2 and is now starting to show some behavioral problems. Some people have indicated that this oculd...


Dual military Navy

Is there really an instruction that says only one spouse can be on sea duty at a time? Im considering submitting my Officer package and my husband is actve duty. He says that...


First time leaving my baby

I've never been away from my 1-year old son more than a weekend... What's the best way to deal with all the emotions I'm feeling right now Pre-Basic Training? My ship dates...



man this is amazing. i have been searching and searching for a group like this! thank you thank you thank you!