My mothers taking me for grandparents visitations

I live in NJ.I have 4 kids (9,7,4,2)the older 2 by my ex and the babies from my husband..My mother was drug addict as I grew up, when I had my oldest she went into rehab and after 18mths she came out. She constantly chose others over me and Ive been on my own since I was 15. For 6 years on and off shes stayed with me. But we fight alot she overrides everything me and my husband say, treats my 4 year old different from all my other kids for whatever reason. Long story short, she took my oldest down to where she lives now in South jersey, he came back telling me what CRACK was! Apparently my mother had him around this 13 year old kid who she lives with now teaching my son a bunch of stuff he shouldnt now. So of course I got mad, she moved down there. Now its been a lot of fighting and I asked her for now to leave me be. Instead of waiting out how she just up and left and the influences she has on my children, I received court papers for my older boys! Can she actually get this?



I have a lot to say. And it's beyond confusing. So the father was awarded visitation and to pay child support he does not do neither. He is pretty much nowhere to be found....