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my yummie mummies x

for mums to come an chill, get advice and also get to know other mums who ae going though the same so come along and get chatting you never know you may even make some friends out of it x



hi im donna i av a stepon luke aged 6 2 girls ellie5 abby3 and a lil lad benjamin whos 1 nex week


not feeling like a very yummie mummie!

Hello yummie mummies, Im a mum to two girls one is 3yrs the other is 6mnths and im not feeling very good about the way i look. Any ideas on how i can improve my self image? I d...


brisbane mums

hey my name is clare i am just wondering if there is any mums out in brisbane i live at toowong with my two beautiful girls name mary jane who turns 4 on sunday and cassidy...



just had to join with an email like mine


Night time bottles

Help my daughter is 19months and drinks four full bottles during the night, If she doesn't get one each time she wakes up she screams the house down, I tried water and she...


friends in somerset

Hi, been living in Street, Somerset, with my Hubby & 2 kids for 5 years now.( from Wolverhampton.) Would like to make to make friend(s) with any mom (25 - 35) in Street or...


Baby Allergic to Rice Cereal

My 5 month old had a scary allergic reaction the first time he ate rice cereal. Has anyone else experienced this? What is the alternative to rice cereal?



hello living in Quincy, would love to meet more moms!!


little ones x

come and show off ur little ones by adding a photo i hae added a coupe to get it started x


tough love?

How do i encourage my 4yr old to play nicely with his little sister as he can be very rough with her, and there are times when he really hurts her?