Myoclonic astatic seizures (Doose syndrome)

My son is 5 years old now he had his first seizure in march 2011, he's being having seizures ever since he took depakote topomax together no results in fact i think they made it worse, then he started keppra which gave him gastrointestinal problems and serious agressive issues i put him in a gluten free diet it works but still having seizures everyday his new neurologist suggested lamictal i am afraid of aggression side effects and i'm also afraid that this med develope new seizures that's what happened with depakote and topomax i don't know what to do. Does anybody has the same issues pls reply he's also going to start the adkins diet which is kind of strict my son tends to eat anything in his way it is just very difficult to trust meds again he's being off of it for about ten months pls any advices.