Hi there! Im planning a natural birth and there are a few topics I never really see people bring up. Im wondering if anyone else choose to not get an IV for hydration, but to sip water or eat ice instead. Did the hospital respond well to your request? Also, part of my birth plan is to push however I feel is natural. Thinking ahead I see myself wanting to squat or even be on my knees. Did anyone have problems with the hospital staff while not wanting to lay down while pushing?


Amy - posted on 12/03/2011




I suggest getting a midwife and having a Doula. They can help advocate for your needs in the hospital and are more open to natural births.

Jeramie - posted on 05/15/2013




If you want to have a natural birth in a hospital, be prepared to fight for it. Or hire a doula so she can fight for you. Make sure your husband knows what you want to do, and to watch everything every nurse does to you, so he can make sure they are following your instructions. People in hospitals think THEY know everything that is best for you, even if they don't know you. If you are in labor there for more than 1 work shift, you will have to tell many people the same things, every time a new one comes into your room. Don't be afraid to tell them what you want. Remember you are Paying them.

And talk to your doctor about these things Before you go to the hospital in labor. If they are not open to your ideas, change doctors. It is perfectly okay to change care providers whenever you don't feel like you are getting the care or attention you want and are paying for.

Dana - posted on 12/13/2011




If at all possible find a mid-wife group and please look into "The Bradley Method". It makes Lamaze seem archaic and just plain wrong. I didn't have an IV, ate and drank what and when I felt the need, walked and pushed in positions that are not traditional at all. They weren't always what was most comfortable, honestly at that point there is no comfortable, but the most helpful to the natural process. If you can't find a Bradley class near you the book will enlighten you and open your eyes to the amazing and totally possible natural birth you want.


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Ania - posted on 04/26/2012




I delivered my child in New York hospital in 2010 I had my birth plan and when it came to enforcing what you mentioned above nothing was allowed. I wanted a natural birth...well I kind of still did it without epidural, but I could not drink only ice chips which I hate and was put flat on my back to push, which ended in vaccum delivery, because baby was crushing me in that position I could not breath HR started falling down I almost passed out and they had to get baby with vaccum. This time I'm due in 4 weeks I'm going with birthing center and midwives to make sure that I will have the birth experience I want

Jenni - posted on 03/27/2012




12 years ago with my 2nd baby the nurse thought I was nuts when I said no IV. I think I was the first ever to refuse. lol (to her anyway) If you don't eat or drink when you are in labor, it actually slows things down....hence the high rate of c-sections going on and pitocin use. I am a doula and student midwife...although I only do homebirths now. (Can't stand a hospital dictating the whole thing) Push when you feel the urge and rest when you can. Nice and easy. Get in a position that doesn't push on the perinium in a bad way....depending how the head is presenting. IF you have a good midwife (doctors are NOT birth educated correctly!!) she will know how to watch for this. Drink raspberry leaf tea which prepares the uterus for contracting. Also, in the last month, drink pregnancy tea. Keep drinking the raspberry tea all throughout the labor, sipping constantly. Then take a bath in comfrey tea to heal bottom.

Tara - posted on 03/10/2012




as long as you are not sick, there is no reason to have an iv for hydration. for one of my births the nurse took my wrist and starting tapping for veins! i asked he what hell was she doing and told her that if i need to be hydrated taht i would drink some water! she had bad timing...i was 8cm and in no state of mind to be polite! ooops

Brittney - posted on 02/08/2012




I gave a copy of my birth plan to each hospital staff. But I had to have antibiotics and that was put through an IV to dilute it. I also wanted to push anyway that felt natural, but I had to stay on my back/sitting up a little. They didn't really listen much, even when I was in a lot of pain they were still trying to push me to get an epidural. Which I did not get and it felt wonderful to bring my baby into the world knowing I didn't have pain meds.

Ania - posted on 01/26/2012




It was me....i had the same concerns and hospital completely ignored my wishes even though I asked them...I had IV and even though I didn't have an epidural I had to push on my back, I could not do it I felt crushed by the baby I could not breath. Make sure your husband knows exactly what you want and specifically tells the stuff what you want. There were moments when I could not speak from pain and during pushing stage I almost passed out because of lack of oxygen crushed by my big belly laying on my back so I could not express much of my wishes

Dianne - posted on 12/23/2011




i had all three of these in my birth plan, and while i compromised in allowing them to have the thing in my hand ready to go if (they thought WHEN) i had a csec HA they were pretty respectful of my wishes, i had my DS on my knees and this was the best position for me (although i found a hand on the butt to push against was what i needed and only found out by accident when someone put it there to steady me lol) i think if they can see you are drinking something they are less worried about fluids and the only person i had not happy with me on my knees was one midwife who asked if i wouldnt like to turn over to make it easier on the doc while in full pushing (who shook his head in disbelief when i told him later) needless to say i shook MY head and when i could get a breath told her to back off, since she thought getting right in under me was a good idea. just remember that whatever is more comfortable for you will usually assist and speed your labour so unless they have good reason to have you in THEIR comfortable position you can stick to your guns, this can also help prevent/reduce tearing.

Olivia - posted on 12/02/2011




So on this subject i can just say what I did and went through.

Both of my children (DD 23 months, DS 4months) where born all natural as water birth. The only invasive thing the midwifes did was to rupture my water because they where too tough and i was bulging.

So for my DD when we first found out I was pregnant we did a lot of searching to find a birth center that at the time we had already been planing to move to that town which was two hours away so we where lucky to have it 10 min away. The birth center was amazing, I learned so much from my midwife. The birth was flawless and she taught me how to carry and prepare myself to give birth in a natural safe way. To give birth naturally you nee to start preparing your body at the least around 7 months.

When we found out that we where having a second child there was no doubt we wanted the same amazing thing for both of our children. We tried to go back to the birth center but this time around we didn't have the money. So I searched and searched for anything that could come close where I could still do a water birth. I found an Oschners that was about a little over an hour away and I called them. I registered myself and then because of tough times didn't have any means to call them back at the time. When I was finally able too I was just weeks away from my due date and they said that I didn't have a physician with them and that at this point I was considered high risk and may not be able to have the birth that I want. Well I finally convinced them to let me see a nurse midwife and because I knew how to take care of myself everything was wonderful and I was approved for a water birth. There are certain procedures that hospitals have to follow. And it is best to talk with them way ahead of time about your birth plan, they can't force you to do anything you don't want, but there are times that it may not go the way it was planed and you need to be open to that. Its all about finding the right hospital with well educated doctors or nurse midwifes. For example many doctores say you have to checjk in immedietly when your water breaks but as long as the water is clear and you are not yet having intense contractions, it is safe to labor at home for a little while. The baby can wait up to 24 hours safely after the water breaks.

With my first I labored a little over a day at home. With my second I swear I was in labor for at least one week, he was born and I still hadn't had steady contractions. For both I also pushed when I felt my body needed to push, I mean if you take too long they will have a cone head lol (from what I was told by the nurses). Just talk with different hospitals til you find the right one for you. Good luck.

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