Desperately needing natural momma help...

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Hello everyone. My little Nola is 3 1/2 months old and she is having trouble with a gassy painful tummy as well as teething at the same time. At the moment I give her Hylands Teething Tabs mixed with Camillia for the Teething but I don't know what natural things are good for gassiness. I currently pump her legs and rub her belly in a clock wise fashion but that only works for so long.... Anyone have any good ideas or suggestions???? I don't believe in gripe water and thats what people keep telling me to give her... I just can't do it.. There is alcohol in that stuff!!!


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This may not necessarily be relevant to you, but when my LO was that age, we thought she was suffering from terrible gas and teething as well; she was in obvious extreme pain and nothing seemed to help her. Eventually she started developing a rash all over her body. It started on her face and looked like acne at first, but continued to get worse. We realized she might have a food allergy and by process of elimination figured out she was allergic to dairy. Now I mostly eat vegan foods; you'd be surprised how much is made with milk products!

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i use nelsons teetha which uses body own natural healing and stuff and my little one use to have real bad belly pain but this seems to help with wind aswel

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Ashton & Parsons Infant Teething Powders. It worked very well for my little one when she went through teething and gas pains. It's a herbal product and can be bought in most supermakets and even pharmacies. Hope she feels better soon....

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The alcohol in gripe water is a very tiny ammount (a few drops to a bottle) to preserve the herbal elements in it, it's not enough to affect your little one. The alcohol is generally fermented grape as with every homeopathic treatment.

If you're really concerned you can make it yourself minus the alcohol.

Gripe water is just dill tea.

Take some dill seed, or dill leaf tips if you can't get a hold of the seed.

Place a tspn of dill seed/leaf to a cup of hot water (about 10 minutes off the boil, as just boiled water can ruin the healing oils of the herb)

Let it steep for about 10 minutes or more and strain if you like to. Other wise just leave it to steep and give to bub when cooled.

Let her drink as much as she likes after she has finished a feed or well between feeds so as to not interrupt her feeding requirements.

I'd suggest you keep her upright without crunching up her tummy after the dill tea as it generally brings the air up the same way it went down! Maybe a nice cuddle time with her head on your shoulder and a good rub on the back. If you need your hands free then a sling or carrier would be great if you have one.

The excersises you are already doing are good, you can continue if you like but maybe not just after a feed.

As for the teething, I usually suggest clove oil diluted in a gm free vegetable oil. Though I have heard great things about Amber necklaces used as an anklet for bubs and am looking into buying one for our 2nd baby due in a few weeks.

Good luck and please do let me know how you go with the dill tea. It worked wonders for my first daughter but I haven't had to make it for almost 18 months now :D


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