Naturally Healthy Children!

Living a natural life free from preservatives, colourants, household chemicals, pollutions will ensure a happy, healthy child and you will probably never have to visit the doctors rooms again. Take yours and your childs health into your own hands. As a Mother you have the instinct to know whats wrong with your child but you just need the confidence to trust yourself.


GP versus Homeopath

After visiting a Homeopath 5 years ago I have not looked back. Unlike a GP who only tends to treat the symptom of an illness a homeopath looks at the whole body ranging from...



If you struggle to get your children to eat fruit, nuts and seeds make the foods available for them to take themselves. For example put a bowl of fruit in a place where your...



As simple as it may seem, feeding your children the correct food will build their immune system, give them more energy, help them to concentrate better, maintain good moods,...