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Ostara Celebrations


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Volante - posted on 03/11/2010




Well i've got bigish plans this year. i want to start my flower gardens. but i just have to find the right spot for them. i was actually hoping for the rains this week to soften the soil around here -.- we'll decorate the yard with plastic eggs hanging from trees, and may even do an egg hunt this year. I'm even gonna try and do a homeschool unit on Ostara. but first, i've been pushing Spring Cleaning. can almost see the carpets in all the rooms again! LOL!

Brandy - posted on 03/11/2010




We've made a list of things we want to do, but haven't narrowed it down yet. We may end up doing all of them. We want to have an egg hunt, make an egg tree..of course Ostara wouldn't be complete without some chocolate bunnies. I wanted to make some Ostara oil that I had found a recipe for (got to find and pick up the supplies). Then we're going to spend some time decorating the altar. It would be great to get together and do something.

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